vaccine dilema again!

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kala Posts: 1937
just a quick question to ask if anyone is getting the all in one combined flu/swine vaccine. was at the gp today for my check up and she asked me was i getting it. said i wanted to sleep on the decision that its something i'd have to think about. at almost 35 weeks i'd be inclined not to. got it on ds2 2 years ago at 30 weeks and it was the hardest decision of my life, so here i am back at the crisis 2 years on. ds2 was 3 weeks early ds1 was a week early so at this point if i have 5 weeks max left is there really any point. id be more inclined at this stage to wait til after. what are others doing- if i had a lot longer left i prob would but with this baby due any day soon i'm not that inclined- oh decisions decisions!
tilsun Posts: 4506
No idea what the advice is this time around. I know what you mean about it being the hardest decision first time round. I cried on my way in to get it as I had been so stressed coming to the decision. And then like a fool I never went back for the booster as the scare of an epidemic had passed O:| If you got the full dose the first time round would you be covered against swine flu? Unless there is a health/epidemic update I don't plan on getting it, I am pretty healthy with no respiratory problems etc so feel confident as things stand now. It hasn't been mentioned to me by GP or hospital :wv
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
I am getting it. the reason pregnant women are advised to get it is because their immune system is low and they are more prone to pick things up and not have the ability to fight it, it doesnt really have much to do with whether or not you are healthy prior to or during pregnancy. I am not due till jan so will be going through the depths of winter in my 3rd trimester, but if i was due in less than a month, i dont think i would get it.
marles Posts: 1397
I got it last Winter when pregnant with DD,I was very happy that I got it.I am a very healthy person and never get really sick,I never remember even having the flu.My Dr. is a very pragmatic and sensible person,she suggested I get it based on a number of factors;my compromised immune system was number one!Also the fact that in my job I am exposed to so many germs and various illnesses.In one week I had children with Swine flu and chicken pox in my class whilst I was pregnant. They have changed the vaccine since the original vaccine was developed.My consultant was also happy for me to get the vaccine. It is of course a personal choice.
Mrs Snuffleupagus Posts: 554
I haven't been asked about it yet but am too going to struggle with the decision. ;o( Due at the end of December/early January. Have a head cold at the minute too which kind of made me realise how susceptible I am to sickness even though I thought I could avoid it. :duh:
lila Posts: 982
I got it last year (at 36 weeks) as DS2 was due right in the middle of flu season so didnt want myself to get the flu/swine flu in the weeks after the birth as I wouldnt have been in full health or worse still DS2 to get it. I was perfectly fine after it. My GP did advise me to get it so if you are in doubt ask your GP what the advise is this year
nomla Posts: 787
I got it last yr at 37 weeks. DS born at 41 weeks. IT meant both of us were immune when we were in the hospital. All those hospital visits at the peak of flu season and DS being born at that time. I just felt I had to get it. We were all perfectly healthy.
Tic Toc Croc Posts: 3710
I will defently be getting it if the swine flu is around and advising again to get it. The pros of getting it massively out weigh the cons of getting it for me anyway. I have heard too many stories over the last 2 years of pregnant women ending up in ICU on ventalators with it and some even losing their babies. I just don't want to take that chance.
amethyst Posts: 17
I got the vaccine last week at 34 weeks.I mentioned it to my GP at a routine ante-natal appointment and she advised that i get it as pregnant women are in the "high risk" category. I'm also asthmatic, (although this has been pretty good lately),so i thought it best to have the vaccine. I paid €30 for it, although the Dr receptionist wasn't sure whether i was entitled to it through the combined care system with the GP, she said she'll refund me when i'm back at 37 weeks, if i am entitled to it free - anyone know if this is the case or not? I think my advice would be to get it - pregnant women are in the high risk category and to date there is no evidence to suggest that the vaccine has any serious effects on mother or baby, where as others have said you could become very ill and be hospitalised before or after the birth due to a bad dose of flu.
ructions Posts: 2689
I didn't get it. DS was born in August. My consultant never mentioned it, I asked her about it when I was 12 weeks pregnant and she said she wouldn't give it to me until I was 16 weeks if I wanted it. By then it was March and the flu season was practically over so after weighing up the pros and cons I decided not to get it. She never mentioned it again. Although I didn't even take a Paracetamol when I was pregnant! Apart from a sore throat one I wasn't ever ill while pregnant, well apart from pregnancy related nausea. I'm lucky that I very rarely get sick and my job didn't involve coming into contact with many people, I also don't use public transport etc so for me the risk of catching the flu or swine flu wasn't high. Maybe if I was pregnant in the depths of winter or worked in an environment where I was likely to catch all sorts I would have re-thought my decision.