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Lunasa Posts: 140
HI girls, A bit worries as wasn't expecting to get bfp and drank alot a couple of ntes on hols when i would have have only been 6 DPO and 8 DPO. also took valium on flight home and then did 10 min session on sunbed following week. really didnt think i would be pg. could i have done some really damage at this stage? :o(
milis Posts: 7998
From what I've read, the placenta does not begin to form until you are 5 weeks pregnant, so no, you have not done any harm! Lots of people do stuff before they find out they're pregnant that you 'shouldn't' do, but there's nothing you can do about this at all!!
blondiee Posts: 771
Hi Lunasa, I also did sunbed sessions unaware that I was PG. I told my doctor as I was really worried. She didn't seem overly concerned as it was at the very beginning when most women don't realise they are PG, I was going on hols and she just said to keep hydrated and not to overdo it in the sun. Lots of women have big nights out before they realise they are expecting so I wouldn't worry about that. My Doctor also said that it is often as a result of these nights where caution is thrown to the wind that many women end up expecting :o0
Lunasa Posts: 140
thanks for putting my mind at ease girls :wv