VAT Rate Increase

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FionaMc17 Posts: 5
Hi ladies, Just wondering has anyone else’s wedding package price increased for weddings in 2019 due to the increased VAT rate from yesterday budget?
Marymc30 Posts: 1
Hi, I just received an email from my hotel saying the package price and room prices have to increase because of the vat increase. I'm really annoyed about this as I think that for weddings already booked they could have absorbed the cost! How much did yours increase by ?
Deleted user Posts: 1
Hi guys, just wondering if it says anything about the VAT rate being subject to change in your contract? Mine doesn’t so wondering if we can still fight it. It states the price incl of VAT without mention of rate or change but it is mentioned in the brochure (however we only signed the contract and the contract makes no reference to the brochure)
marina-anseo Posts: 1
I have my wedding booked with that last 2 years and this is the second time they've raised the price on us. If I didn't have all the other vendors booked, I'd be tempted to cancel this venue. I'm also very disappointed that they haven't absorbed the cost for weddings already booked.
FionaMc17 Posts: 5
Yes it’s such a pity they can’t just absorb the cost at this point. I checked my contract and it does state ‘plus VAT which is subject to change’ my package has gone up €3 per person which overall adds up ☹️
Gunner99 Posts: 2
Same thing happened us last week. Getting married in Johnstown estate next year. 5 of my group all getting married next year and ours is the only hotel who increased the price. Sickening.
PMcG Posts: 1
Ladies has anyone had any luck stopping the increase? I have a signed contract stating all inclusive and there is nowhere in the terms and conditions giving them a get out clause. My pricing in total is increasing by almost €1000. This is just beyond a joke. I chose my venue as it was an all inclusive package and am only 15 weeks out of the wedding. >:o(
Deed.R Posts: 1
My hotel have just contacted me with this increase also. So fustrating. Can they do this legally if not stated in signed contact? Does anyone have any legal info on it?