VAT Reduction - new budget VAT???

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Bardot Posts: 82
Hi Wollies, I have a question regarding the VAT rate. Okay so my hotel was passing on the VAT rate reduction from 13.5%-9% on . But now that the Vat rate has gone from 21%-23%, does this mean that the hotel will reduce it by only 2.5% instead of 4.5%? Sorry if this is a really stupid question, but am calling my hotel and just want to know for sure. Thanks a mill Xxx
mshelly Posts: 746
Different goods and services attract different rates of VAT and you can't offset a reduced VAT rate in one area against an increased VAT rate in other areas. Food and hotel accommodation is still at 9% but drink is now going from 21 to 23. So your final bill should show two rates of VAT being charged.
Bardot Posts: 82
Thanks so much for your help O-O
sshh Posts: 416
Also just so you are aware, corkage attracts the higher VAT rate of 23% as well.
Wedding Cars Ireland Posts: 1970
Hi, Also, 'wedding cars services' (and chauffering in general), attract zero rate VAT, just in case some supplier tells you otherwise!