VAT reduction??

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happyfamily Posts: 3323
My mum said that she heard something on the radio about hotels passing some VAT reduction on to couples gettin married? Does anyone know what this is about? I don't want to approach my hotel until i know what i'm talking about!! Apparently it's a 4% reduction which could really add up on the reception bill!!
lilywhite2012 Posts: 571
There is another post on this forum somewhere about this!!! Its dropped to 9%- some of the girls emailed their hotels and the hotels are passing on the reduction, others said that the hotel won't be passing it on!! I just emailed my hotel there, they replied saying that the management haven't decided yet if they are passing their reduction onto us!! Fingers crossed!!!!!
PeaPod Posts: 583
Hi Happyfamily, There is a thread on this here viewtopic.php?f=13&t=313230 Some hotels seem to be passing the savings on but others are a bit reluctant. Mine are giving us €1.50 off per head. Every bit helps!! To be honest I think hotels have to pass the reduction on. The only reason the reduced VAT rate was introduced was to encourage customers to part with their money! It wasnt introduced to save hotels a few bob. I emailed my hotel and just asked them to tell me what the reduction would be. HTH :wv
happyfamily Posts: 3323
Thanks Candy151. Might try getting my OH to contact the hotel about this one!!