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tras Posts: 1460
Delighted to be posting this, didn't know if I'd manage a VBAC as hospital has time restrictions on length of labour etc but it all worked out in the end. I had been given two sweeps the two weeks before my due date to move me on (they wouldn't let me go too far over) but there was no action at all. Went for reflexology on the day before my due date, was trying everything at this stage! Woke up on the morning of my due date as when I got out of bed there was a bit of a plop- not a gush but a good bit of water. Went in and got DD out of bed, gave her her bottle and rang DH and the hospital. MIL came down to collect DD and we went in to hosp a few hours later. Got seen pretty quickly in the ER, but when midwife examined me she said that my waters were intact. Was so disappointed, felt like I'd created a big fuss over nothing. But then doc scanned me and wasn't happy so sent me to foetal assessment where they told me that my forewaters had gone so that was it.Was kept in overnight and they put me on antibiotics but baby had no intention of moving! Was sure I'd be offered a c section the next day as they are reluctant to induce with a previous section. But the next day around lunchtime the doctor examined me and said I was favourable to give induction a shot and if the worst came to the worst, they'd just give a c section. Had a bit of a talk, as they were going to give me a limited time to labour and the c section seemed like a nice, tidy option but in the end decided to give induction a go. They broke my waters (not very sore, bit like someone rummaging around in a black sack though, not very dignified!!) and put me on the drip at around 4pm. Pains started pretty much straight away and by 6 I was 3 cm, was delighted as pains were manageable and hadn't started my hypnobirthing yet. But over the next two hours the pains came thick and fast. Had to be monitored constantly so was only allowed to walk around the bed, couldn't get comfortable at all. Tried to get into my hypnobirthing but just couldn't concentrate, was having contractions every minute and a half. They examined me at 9 and I was still 3 cm, nearly cried. They told me that they'd have to up the syntocinin (??) so I gave in and got the epidural. Was SOOOO disappointed, was all set for my natural birth, but it got way too much for me. The epi was amazing,could still feel pressure but pain was gone. As soon as I got it, things moved on really quickly and I went from 3cm to 9cm in 2 hours. They left me til midnight and when they checked I was ready to go. Pushed for a good half an hour- felt so unfit!! Then they realised that he was posterior (face presentation) so out came the forceps. Had an episiotomy and Conor was born at 00.47 on the 1st of November- all 9lbs 7oz of him! My BP dipped straight away afterwards and I spent the best part of the next hour vomiting. But I was so elated, delighted that I'd managed the VBAC. Recovery was much faster, stitches were quite sore but couldn't believe how quickly my body managed to bounce back. Disappointed about the hypnobirthing, really believed in it and spent an awful lot of time doing it running up to the birth. But for my next preg (pg!) I'll def do it again, would love to see if it works for me if I wasn't induced...but know there are wollies here who were induced and it worked for them so maybe I just didn't believe enough!!!
sinion Posts: 6050
Really delighted for you Tras, congrats again on your little man!
leopardess Posts: 906
congratulations tras :o)ll its great to hear positive vbac stories, im heading into my consultant tom, she is checking me to see if im favorable and if i am she will then break my waters. really hope i get a vbac, like you she wont let me go too far over so great to hear of successful vbac that was induction :thnk
volvic35 Posts: 1118
Love reading birth stories, congrats to you and your OH on the birth of baby conor :thnk
zoey Posts: 1574
Hey Tras! First of all massive congrats on the safe arrival of baby Conor. What a fine healthy weight he was - fair play to you! I was delighted to read your successful VBAC story. I ended up having an emergency section 12 days ago. At the time I was just happy to get my baby out safely but already I'm starting to worry about the implications for future pregnancies so I was really reassured to read your story. I found the staff in the CUMH absolutely fantastic - they were all so supportive of aiming for a vaginal delivery even though a section would be the quicker option for them. In the end though my baby's oxygen levels were going down so a section was the only option. Anyway, thanks for posting your story and congrats again to you, your DH and Naoise on the safe arrival of baby Conor.
AHappyMrs Posts: 622
Congrats Tras on the birth of baby Conor... lovely to hear such a positive story.
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Tras that is sucha lovely story I am so jealous you got your VBAC :o( but thrilled for you and love the name!!
digsy Posts: 1257
sorry for the ignorance but whats a VBAC?
pattie Posts: 2379
Huge congrats tras! Delighted to hear you got your VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) and really glad you are having a good recovery.
snowbear Posts: 2107
Huge congrats and thanks for posting the story. I had a ECS 7 weeks ago and at my 6 week check up the doc said I had a 3 in four chance of having a VBAC next time if I go into labour myself (ie not induced). I'm obviously quite a while away from 'next time'! but it's great to read your story as I'd love love love a VBAC. Enjoy your little man... great name which is very close to my heart :lvs