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ellee Posts: 666
Hi girls, I've just fond out I'm pregnant with #2! Thrilled to bits *) I was in the Coombe the last time, public under Mary Anglim. Ended up with an emergency section for foetal distress. WOuld really like a vbac this time. I'm more than happy to go with M Anglim again but before I trek off to the doctor to get things in motion, I was wondering if anyone knows which cons in the Coombe would be most supportive of vbac? I've heard that attitudes vaary enormously. I've also heard of people taking a week off their due date etc in order to maximise their chances of vbac. Am not sure about this but wondering what you all think? Many thanks, A thrilled wolly! :yelrotflmaosmilie:
ellee Posts: 666
Gosh no one? :o(
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
i think you mean aadding a week to due date. id pm gentle birth about this and what consultent etc....shes more up on the dublin hospitals then me tbh...