VBAC on ds2- whats the procedure for baby no 3

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kala Posts: 1937
just curious as to know what will be my situation when it gets nearer to having baby no 3 in early nov. ds1 was born by emergency c section as he went into foetal distress when i was 6 cm dilated. (went into labour myself a week early). ds2 was 3 weeks early and born by vaginal birth (vbac)- again went into labour myself. just wondering will i be left go over and induced if this baby doesn't start labour naturally. i just don't want to go over, be induced and end up with another c section. also to mention i am public in cumh (and went public on both ds's).
kala Posts: 1937
32 views and no replies ok i give up, sorry to rant but no wonder people don't post anymore and people are taking off else where to private forums/groups on fb etc. i know i can be guilty of it sometimes myself but when you can't find an answer on google you'd think this place might be your option.
Perci Posts: 3847
Maybe people were interested in your question but didn't know the answer? As far as I'm aware you won't be induced after a previous section because it increases the risk of uterine rupture. I'd say if you go over they won't let you go too far before going straight for a section. However, I'd also say that given your history you'd be unlikely to go over. HTH a little.
kala Posts: 1937
thanks a mil Perci - sorry for my earlier rant but i eat sleep wol. yeah i was hoping you'd say that ie with a previous section they wouldnt induce- heres hoping this little babba won't arrive for a bit yet but then not to keep me waiting either.
GentleBirth Posts: 750
Hi Kala, A chemical induction would be unlikely but in the off chance that you did go over 14 days releasing the waters might be enough to get things going especially as you've had a VBAC before. Best of luck! Tracy
snowbear Posts: 2107
Hey, I viewed and didn't reply because I haven't had a vbac but hope to one day and read all the relevant threads!! Your first labour sounds vvv like mine, 6cm and all so I love the sound of the second!!! If you went early before I'm sure you've a great chance of early again, anyway with one vbac under your belt you've great bargaining power! Best if luck