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ttc2012 Posts: 661
Ok i know its been asked so many times, i actually couldnt find the search bar to search and read previous posts...sorry! Anyhow ive a choice.... waters went at 40+4 last time and i was induced onto oxitocin @ 40+6 as labour didnt progress, anyhow when my waters were fully broken i was 2cam, 5 1/2hrs later of drip and i was barely 3cm and DS got into distress so i was rushed for emergency section. I found the time stuck in bed hard as he was quite mucusy and i couldnt get up to him (i was on cathater for 36hrs post section) so only got up n about on day 3 (Thur). Once i was up n about i was sore first thing in the morning after being i nbed all night but other than that was ok. I recovered really well and didnt midn the section, i thought it was an amazing experience! My dilema is this... im terrified of failing at labour again, i dont want another emergency section, im terrified of forceps (would rather a section), episiomoty and dont want vaccum, im afraid of tearing and needing loads of stitches and the pain that then comes with a sore hoo ha, again id rather a section scar. If i was told i could have same labour but push at the end id do it in a heartbeat... I keep changing my mind! I am in the hospital next week and have to discuss it. Hiospital have said they will let me go over and they will induce me again but i really dont want that. I am thinking of asking can they do a sweep at my 38wk appoitnment (please god id be favourable) and if nothing then section me at 39 wks. DS was also very big 9lb 9oz so am afraid this baby might be similar if not bigger. Im in no way fit and so many people say the fitter u are the easier the labour, im well over weight... O:| O:| my head is just wrecked! Anyone care to share their experiences?
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
go for a planned section. I had one, amazing experience recovered really well. Take Arnica 200cc and you'll be flying. Why worry about the fear of the unknown when opting for an Elective Section will take the worry away. xx
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Hi ttc2012, Firstly I have to ask, why would your hospital induce you after a section? I don’t know many that would do that? Normally if you want to try for a VBAC they will let you go 7-10 days over.. do the sweep etc. on due date and if you go on your own great, if not you get a planned section date. I say normally as in most women I know in our circumstance this is what they were offered. I had a VBAC... My first labour was similar to yours. I was induced 10 days over, took 2 tablets to get things started but after hours of kind of going nowhere my DS got distressed, his heart rate was dropping and staying dropped too long after each contraction and so it was an emergency section for us and he was also 9-9. Like you I recovered really well after the section. No complaints. I am also petrified of forceps! And the idea of them had be scared right off a VBAC. But my doc was lovely and we discussed the fact that my second baby, which was a little girl turns out but I didn’t know that, was much smaller, and so I should try on my own if I wanted to for the recovery as I would have a 2.5 year old at home. So my waters went, the day I was booked in for section! And we went ahead with the VBAC plan. They had to do, in their words a "small episiotomy" and use the kiwi vac to help her out but I blame the epidural for that as they only got it working when I was 9cms and so when it came to pushing I could feel nothing as it was still full flow and no way to reduce it to feel the pressure, like other women have described. In all I would do either experience again as I recovered really well from both and there was nothing particularly negative. BUT the big differences were: getting to go home 23 hours after my little lady was born by comparison to 5 days! And getting into my car when I wanted to drive rather than 6 weeks! Those things made a huge difference. It is a very personal choice.. and hard to know what to do. Best of luck xxx
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
just to add im with zurich insurance and I was given the go ahead to drive after 2 weeks! Not swaying you in any direction just do whats best for you. Dr gave go ahead too.
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
No experience myself but there was a great post I think by Regina Falange on this recently. Basically (hope I am getting it right) book a section for your due date and if you go naturally before then give VBAC a shot. If you don't go in to labour before then you won't have to worry about another failed induction as you will have the section planned for the due date.
Ljp Posts: 161
Sorry if hijacking this post :) But do they let you decide for yourself if u want a vbac or not? I had a section after 24 hours of labour and reaching 5cm but then dilation just stopped even after they put the drip up for 8 hours. Ds got a bit distressed so they sectioned me-which i found fine to be honest. Quick recovery and not much pain. Tbh i really would like another section if i am lucky enough to have another babs-the thoughts of going through it all again only to have possibly another emergency section at end is scary. And am terrified of foreceps/suction. Plus ds was a big babs and i'm quite a small person. Anyway do they let u choose?I have heard they always make u try and wont give u an elective section? I'm a public patient in galway.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I won't be induced, had an elective section last time. I think the policy on offering an elective section over a VBAC depends on the hospital and, unfortunately, whether you are public or private. Anecdotally I feel I have more choice as a private patient. I'm in Holles Street and they have a very pro VBAC approach. They don't induce, you go one week over your due date and then depending on circumstances its an elective section. I have heard that if you want another section as a public patient you may have a battle on your hands, but its worth fighting for it if you really want it. I can completely understand not wanting to go through another nightmare of a failed labour. I feel I don't want to put myself through trying for a VBAC only to end up having an emergency section, it seems the worst of both worlds for me.
ttc2012 Posts: 661
LJP i am publin in OLOL and thought i would have to really push them for elective section but when i went in i asked for the consultant at my 24wk visit, i got his registrar and i was all set for guns blazing and a row but we just chatted about my last labour and she said "Its your body and your labour so we wont force u to do anything" i was shocked! She then went through complications of both (obviously section has more). I was so adamant i wasnt even attempting Vbac but now that the pregnancy is going well (please god will for the next 11wks) ive turned a corner. I am more afraid of the unknow of labour and what could happen/what intervention will be needed etc more than i am about a calm planned procedure of a section but its just the recovery, now as i mentioned i had no complications last time around with recovery and was driving after 5wks, and i know as OP mentioned with planned u can sometimes drive earlier, im thinkign more of getting DS to/from montessori not sauntering off shopping n for lunch. though family have said they will collect n drop him everyday :-) I would like to not be having to be so careful n be telling him "mind mammy, mammys sore" etc. Its actually for him! He is 3 1/2 and is great, DH recently had operation and he was so good n careful not jumping on DH etc so i know he will be fine but this little part of me thinks What if? What if it all goes well and im feeling myself after a few days but then i panic about a vaginal birth and the afters of it as i dont know it from alst time and ive seen friends suffer more/recovery longer after vaginal birth than my section. I think ill chat to them and get sectioned booked for whatever day they section around my due date but if i go myself before then ill try it, though i am terrified of needing emergency again and regretting it as ill be worse after emergency than elective! Thanks ladies for your thoughts and experiences...keep them coming
corkiegirl Posts: 825
I'm not in this situation yet but I've just had an emergency section after a failed induction due to Fetal distress and failure to progress (stuck at 9cm for 4 hours!). After 45 hours of failed induction, with 32 hours of them in labour, if things in my mind stay the same as they are now, I'll be asking for an elective section. I'd be terrified of trying to go myself and everything going wrong again. It all ended up pretty hairy! I know the recovery is longer and I could have a toddler to mind but I'd rather that than things go the way they did before. I recovered very quickly and was back driving after 10 days even though it was emergency, not elective.
Ljp Posts: 161
Thanks ttc2012, its reassuring to hear you are being given a choice. That is all i want really, a choice and not be forced to try a vbac if i dont want to. My ds is only 4 months and not planning to ttc again for a while so this is all just wondering on my part. Maybe in a year or two i'll be more open to trying a vbac but at the moment no.