VBAC Preparation Class (TTCing or Expecting)

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GentleBirth Posts: 750
Hi everyone, I will be teaching a VBAC preparation class for TTCing Mums or couples who are interested in VBAC. The class will run for 3 hours at the City North Hotel and include the following; [b:srjygls8]- Why choose VBAC - current research findings and recommendations - Is VBAC safe? - Physiology of normal birth after a caesarean - Labour support strategies and comfort measures for labour and birth (including acupressure, essential oils, breathing exercises, visualisation, waterbirth) - Being a confident birth partner - Informed decision making for a positive birth - What if you go overdue? Is it safe to labour at home? - Creating an effective VBAC birth plan and how to communicate your intentions and preferences - When is a caesarean absolutely necessary? [/b:srjygls8] Available class dates are: August 21 (2 - 5pm) October 16 (2 - 5pm) December 4 (2 - 5pm) Couples will also receive our VBAC Preparation CD to continue building your confidence after the class. Cost per couple - €80. Visit http://www.VBACIreland.com for more details or PM me. Tracy
shiny2010 Posts: 975
Thanks Tracey. I'll be checking this out definitely :)
GentleBirth Posts: 750
Hi everyone, At the class we'll also look at current recommendations for monitoring your baby during a VBAC. We'll also discuss the pros and cons of pain relief options. A few Cork Mums are interested in taking the class so if I can get 5 Mums I'll make the trip down. Any questions feel free to PM me. Tracy http://www.VBACIreland.com http://www.GentleBirth.com
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
well done tracy what a brilliant service! by the way i bought your better birth book its fantastic!
GentleBirth Posts: 750
Thanks Sparkly - glad you liked it! I think this class will be really helpful for TTCing Mums who've had previous caesareans as well as those who are currently looking at their options and currently pregnant. Doing your homework before becoming pregnant means Mums can relax and enjoy their pregnancies a lot more. Best of luck this week - it's such an exciting time for you!! Tracy