Vear Wang Bridal in Brown Thomas

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missdior Posts: 187
Hi, Did anyone happen to be at the Brown Thomas launch of Vera Wang Bridal in last night? I was and all that I can say is WoW! The dresses were so different, yet very elegant. I can't wait to book an appointment to try some on. I'm not sure on the prices...i'm sure that will be a big shock. But they are truly the nicest wedding dresses I have seen. Definatly worth looking at.
Gerbera Posts: 539
What were they like? I must take a look at the website! Would love something with the big WOW factor alright. Think I could be making that appointment too! Did you see anything you liked?
melly Posts: 141
I believe they START at 3000k .....Out of most peoples budgets!
missdior Posts: 187
I was looking at the web site before and it does'nt do the dresses any really have to see them for real. She uses alot of netting and lace. Alot of the dresses are very flowy at the bottom too, which I really liked. Alot of them had a bow arond the waist line, in lovely colurs. One of them had a lovely saphire green bow around the waist. You would really have to see them to see how lovely and elegant they are.
MrsGNC Posts: 401
a friend of mine went last night and the cheapest one she saw was 8 grand :!:
Glan Posts: 199
Oh no :weep :wv waving goodbye to Vera Wang
rosaug06 Posts: 165
Yip, She is the Queen of Elegance in wedding gowns but boy, o , boy does she charge. Made the mistake in going there to view the Summer 05 collection in Novemeber....fell in love with one dress £3,600 :roll: :roll: Needless to say I haven't seen anything like it since.... :cry: :cry:
? Posts: 610
Icooper, did they have Vera Wang shoes there too?
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Girl I know works in Vera Wang, they're not getting the shoes yet but will have them in the next few weeks.
september23rd Posts: 84
The dresses are fab, but very expensive....