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biscuit Posts: 166
Hi all! I'm just 5wks gone. I've been following this board for months ans have finally decided to join. One question, are there many vegetarian mums2b out there or do you know any? I'm concerned about getting enough Omega3/6/9 into diet. I was taking Udo's Choice Oil in my food before I found out I was pregnat. Is it still okay to take this? Tahnks. Looking forward to the chats.
Poppit Posts: 2042
Congrats on your pregnancy Biscuit and welcome aboard. You will get loads of great advise and tips from all the girls. I used to take Udo's oil myself. Its great stuff. Am not sure whether you can take it during pregnancy. I'd imagine you can. Maybe pop into a health shop and ask. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. Poppit
MotherNature Posts: 317
There's no issues being a vegetarian and being pregnant. Just notify your doctor though, they can check that you're intake of essential vitamins and nutrients is being met. If you're vegan you may have to up your intake of certain things. Just keep eating those greens and get lots of protein. Don't have too high a carb. intake, though that's for any pregnant woman, not just veggies.
biscuit Posts: 166
thanks girlies! I took the bottle (Udo's Choice) out of its box out of the fridge last night to have a look at the labels. It slipped out of my hands and smashed on the floor. Reckon this was a sign! Ah well, you can get these fats from walnuts can't you?
pattie Posts: 2379
Biscuit I was taking DHA for the first few weeks but my GP told me to stop. I later read up a little and it seems the baby's brain doesn't require lots of Omega 3 & 6 till later in the pregnancy and there is a worry that taking it early on would be unbalanced. From 20 weeks it's a good idea though, but you should use a supplement specially for pregnant women. There's a thread here from ages ago, if you search for fish oils you should find it. Also, MotherNature, I've read that you require more carbs in pregnancy, think it's in "What to Expect...".
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Biscuit, I just found this on the superquinn website and thought you might find it useful: [url:365dwg9c][/url:365dwg9c]
MotherNature Posts: 317
[quote="Diotima":3r1brdkc]Also, MotherNature, I've read that you require more carbs in pregnancy, think it's in "What to Expect...".[/quote:3r1brdkc] Just going by what the doc. in the hospital told me. He said not to have too many dishes with lots of pasta or rice and to cut back on bread. Just did a google on it though and it looks like carbs are tres important. Maybe it was advised to me in the context of being veggie. He's probably worried that I rely too heavily on carbs. and don't get enough protein.