Veil AND birdcage???

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candypants Posts: 8575
Has anyone seen this done?? Im going for the simple elegant look and got a cathedral length veil, and im now thinking is to to plain? If you have seen it done, any chance you have pics or some advice on going for this look?
lolly2010 Posts: 707
Have never seen it done, i googled it doe because i was mad for a goo :-8 could only find one pic, to be honest its not my cup of tea, i really dont think a cathedral length veil will be to plain i personally think they are very elegant, really beautiful!
Sassypants Posts: 4461
I'm having a birdcage veil and to be honest would not even consider a "regular veil" too. I don't think it would look great but I'm going to go google it now too!!! If I see a pic where it's done nicely I'll post it!
candypants Posts: 8575
Lolly, that was the only pic i found and didnt like it either. Thanks sassy. I was never into the BCveils, but i think im just panicing now about it been to plain.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Probably should have looked before posting eh? Found some pics that are quite nice, it has kinda changed my opinion about the combination! [attachment=1:21r9avg1]images.jpeg[/attachment:21r9avg1] [attachment=2:21r9avg1]images-1.jpeg[/attachment:21r9avg1] [attachment=0:21r9avg1]Unknown.jpeg[/attachment:21r9avg1]
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Cathedral veil alone is jus WOW. So stunning, i remember your dress and its fab. Less is more..
Dub M Posts: 269
Hi all..I know a bird cage veil would look fab with my dress and im tempted as its a little different but I always thought Id wear a veil.Im afraid on the day Ill regret not having a "proper" veil so I am considering both but like everyone else, wonder if its too much ..two veils one head etc!!hmm confused ;o( :duh:
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
I really think one of the other- both are fab but in a different way. What you could do is wear the cathedral one to the church or ceremony and then change it for the birdcage one for the reception and onwards- but not the two together. They are both fab on their own but not together imo. Yes passable but they shine much better alone :)
2ndtimer Posts: 336
I wore a birdcage veil 2 weeks ago and got fantastic reactions. I could have worn a veil with it also as it really wasn't too much as a headpiece but my dress had a lot of detail at the back so I didn't want to take from that. I'll put up pic for a little while. PS I got mine in the US for $20. [attachment=1:6h0lu9ma]Wedding small 4.jpg[/attachment:6h0lu9ma] [attachment=0:6h0lu9ma]Wedding small 5.jpg[/attachment:6h0lu9ma]
ianstuart Posts: 1947
2nd timer you looked fab , really elegant.