Veil & dress question - first dance

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OrTees Posts: 907
Do you take off your veil and bustle dress before or after the first dance? Is there a norm or is it just a matter of preference?
lorrbridetobe12 Posts: 369
I know alot of women who take off there veil the minute all the photos are finished so its up to yourself really!!
Buttonnose Posts: 477
I think its a matter of personal preference really. I've seen some brides keep their veil on for the first dance, some without. If you'd be more comfortable dancing without the veil then take it out. My plan would be to keep the veil in for the ceremony and some of the photos, then get a few shots without it too. Then it'll depend if I want the veil back in again. Each to their own sure, I don't think there's an etiquette to it as such :wv
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
I had a cathedral length veil so it would've been near impossible to dance in it unless I held it up but I personally think that looks silly. I took mine off as soon as we got to sit down for dinner because it was just plain annoying!!! I bustled up my dress aswell eventhough there was no need as I had only a puddle train but I liked how it looked hitched up aswell!! There are no hard and set rules so go with what's comfortable for you O-O
OrTees Posts: 907
Thanks for all the feedback :thnk . I'll see how I feel on the day but to be honest I think it'd be hard work trying to do even one dance with my veil on (cathedral length) and train down!
lorrbridetobe12 Posts: 369
Im the same as you OrTees i have long train on my dress and cathedral length veil so it will be coming off in hotel after pics!! and dress hooked up!
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
a matter of preference and safety, I left mine on because i loved my veil so much big mistake I nearly tripped on the dancefloor, not that I'm a great dancer anyway good thing himself was holding on to me could have been very embarrassing.