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reetz Posts: 99
Hi, I reckon that I'll prob wear a veil on my wedding day and that I'll have it over my face while I walk up the aisle. :-8 But any veils I've seen, to me look like net curtains, if I'm honest, :duh: but that's just what Tulle fabric is I guess. And I def don't fancy lots of beading or diamentes on the the edge or throughout the veil. A girl I work with had the most perfect veil, It was very plain with no detailing on it at all but the material was shimmery in the light so it didn't need any detailing. But she can't remember the name of the fabric. I did manage to find a google pic of an organza veil and that looked to be shimmery. But my dress has an organza outer layer so I don't know if an organza veil would make it look better or worse. I really am clueless when it come to these sort of things. Has anyone seen or heard of veils which are not like net curtains, or where I might find one? Do such things as shimmery veils easily exist without having to order it online from America. Oh there's always a dilema, isn't there? :duh: :duh: Thanks guys. :wv
I Dream in Disney Posts: 1592
I'm not much help but did you try talking to where you got your dress or did you buy the dress online?
CelD Posts: 699
Hi there Reetz, I have just PM'ed you! Kindest Regards Celine :wv
reetz Posts: 99
No I got the dress from a shop in the city. I've tried on some of their veils again when I had my 2nd fitting on sat and actually they weren't as net curtainy as I'd remembered. I still like the idea of having a shimmer tulle veil, I know I def want a long wide veil with a blusher. :-8 this is my dress, now that I know how to attach pics, What do ye reckon about a shimmery veil? Do ye think it'll match or clash?? O:| I'll be having a simple soft up do and stud earrings so I'll look nothing like the model in the pic :weep :yelrotflmaosmilie: [attachment=1:213aft4l]Ella 5358 Front.jpg[/attachment:213aft4l] [attachment=0:213aft4l]Ella 5358 Back.jpg[/attachment:213aft4l]
herestoyou Posts: 97
Have you tried silk tulle? I think this is what I am getting although I haven't ordered it yet. I am thinking of buying from, they have sent me a sample of the tulle, they have both a soft silk tulle and a firm silk tulle. Be worth an email.
reetz Posts: 99
Thanks herestoyou, I'll look them up right now and let ya know how I get on. Cheers :o)ll