VEIL FOR DAIMIEL DRESS? - San Patrick 2006 Paris Collection

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phoenix8 Posts: 35
Have any of you bought the DAIMIEL dress from the 2006 San Patrick Paris collection? If so, welcome to the DAIMIEL fan club (well... I'm the only one in it so far but I'm hoping after this post there will be a few more of us...) Have any of you DAIMIEL girls come across the veil that's suppossed to complement the dress ( I believe it's a mantilla veil)?; if so please let me know ... I'm considering whether or not to wear a veil with this dress as it is quite detailed & I wouldn't want to overpower it ... a simple veil or no veil at all would probably be best ... I'll be interested in your opinion! Cheers Phoenix
MissJ Posts: 48
I don't know that particular veil, but I've a Pronovia's dress which I bought in Spain - they're a sister company. I tried on a mantilla style veil there, and while it was lovely, I just looked like a Paddy playing fancy dress! Unless you're very dark colouring, I think the lace around the face is very over-powering. They are fab on Spanish colouring though!
Wifey-Pooh Posts: 2125
MissJ, was there much saving to be had by going to Spain to buy?
fizz Posts: 38
I know you posted a while back but I wore the daimiel dress for my wedding March. The dress is fantastic. I wore an ivory cathedral length veil with a few crystals/sequins scattered on it. It was just perfect with the dress and picked up the sequins from the dress very well. I have a picture if you need to see what it looked like. If you haven't got married yet, have a fantastic day.