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rebeccakh Posts: 1
Please can somebody recomend a way to get the creases out of my veil. The problem is I've had it for over a year and it has been in the bag all this time. When the shop packed it it wasn't down very well. Now the veil looks like its fashionably crinkled which is not the look i'm going for. I'm not so sure the steaming in the bathroom trick will do it. Please help!
bridesrus Posts: 917
If you leave it hanging up in a safe place for about a week or so the heat in the room will help the creases drop out - do not try to iron it please :D
msmcb1 Posts: 508
Hang it in your bathroom with a very hot steamy shower running. Ask your local dry cleaners to steam it.
blushing b2b Posts: 288
i was advised by bridal shop at weekend when i collected veil to hang it up in vbathroom after someone has had a shower.....steam should help creases fall out....she also said not to iron it as it will only shrivel up!!