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Shell Sept Belle Posts: 356
Ladies, Are you wearing a veil on your big day? If so, what way did you wear your hair and did you also wear a tiara? I've bought both a veil and tiara but am not sure what way to style my hair.
notlongnow Posts: 474
hi shell im going to wear a veil alright, but no tiara. personal preference as; firstly-my hair style wont suit it, secondly- im just not a tiara type and thirdly- everyone seems to wear them. im going to take the veil off asap after the ceremony and replace it with some type of headpiece for the reception. i think it all depends on your hairstyle- tiaras seem to look best on very structured and styled hairdos, so if thats what your planning, then it would probably look great? just read over this- and im not sure if its any help!! sorry!!
Shell Sept Belle Posts: 356
notlongnow, it is a great help. I didn't realise that I'd actually have to have an upstyle for a tiara. When I bought my dress, I tried on the veil and tiara (with my hair in a pony tail) and they did look beautiful, but I wasn't sure what hair style to go with. I was half thinking of leaving it down and curling it, but you made a good and valid point... the tiara wouldn't stay in place :roll: Why didn't I think of that?! I was also planning on taking the veil off after the dinner and just leaving the tiara on.
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
You can wear a tiara with your hair down - most have little holes through which you can put clips so as that it stays on. I'm wearing a veil without tiara for the church and have bought a tiara to put on for later in the reception.
Cookie Monster Posts: 643
You don't need to have an upstyle for a tiara, a smaller tiara would still look great with hair left down (you can just get a small band instead if you want a tiara). In saying that I am having veil and tiara with my hair up. I just figure it's the only time I'll get to wear a veil or tiara so why not. I loved dressing up as a child and I made so many veils and tiaras with old curtains and cardboard and tinfoil (I was a creative little thing!) so I was alway going to wear both on my wedding day. Hopefully the real thing will look a bit more classy than the ones I made :lol:
Shell Sept Belle Posts: 356
MrsKav, did you get your veil and tiara in David's Bridal as well? The sales assistant I had was fantastic and knew the exact veil and tiara to suit... then got me the perfect shoes and bag... I was so happy with the service.
Dream Posts: 266
Hi Im in the same boat, not sure at all, right now im thinking of wearing a veil to the chapel and once i get to the reception i'll change to my feather headpiece which i already have purchased. It so hard to know though, i think i'll feel more like a bride with the veil
notlongnow Posts: 474
hi dream totally agree- i'd really miss wearing a veil in the church- the photos just wouldnt look the same in my opinion! can i ask where you got your headpiece? i havent got a clue where to start looking!! thanks a mill! :D
Bear Posts: 671
I said I definately did not want either a veil or a tiara, but when I tried on the dress that I think I am going to get I know a veil will be fantastic with it. Planning on having my hair all back in a low knot and a single tier veil clipped just above the knot. It all depends on the dress you are wearing
Jane 06 Posts: 114
Agree with MrsB2B07, I was definately not going with a veil but when I tried it on with the dress I fell in love with it. I wore it with a tiara and wore my hair curled - half up/half down. Any hairdresser should be able to put in the tiara so it feels comfortable whatever way you decide to wear your hair.