veil over face walking up aisle

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summerbride09 Posts: 21
Can anyone help me!! My wedding dress is the pronovia Nacar dress, and the veil I tried on with it was a cathedral length veil, it was beautiful with it, but I would love to get a veil that goes over my face for walking up the aisle, BUT would love the length at the back. Im going back for a fitting next week and I was just wondering has anyone seen one, or tried one on or if thereis such a veil before I go back to ask.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879 will allow you to get your cathedral length veil and you can request a blusher, which you can put over your face. Once it's lifted back, it will look like an extra layer at the back but shorter than the cathedral length obviously. If you are planning to buy your veil with the shop then tell them and they should be able to order one specially.
summerbride09 Posts: 21
Thanks a mil, I will have a look at the site later!!! I wasnt sure whether a veil like that even existed!!!! Thanks again
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
I found they were a lot cheaper than the bridal shops. You can get samples too if you want to match colours before you order. Best of luck :wv
woggie Posts: 830
I've a cathedral length veil and there's a shorter bit goes over my face, bought it with my dress in Scarlett Brides in Ennis - looks absolutely gorgeous, but wish i hadn't rushed in to ordering it as it cost over €400 and I believe I could've got it cheeper online.
summerbride09 Posts: 21
Thanks a mill girls, I will definatly go online tonight and have a good look!!! I think that its a romantic idea having the veil down on the face, I just hope that one will go with the dress!! :thnk