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Missy09 Posts: 294
anyone buy a veil from here seem really reasonable..
ozypozy Posts: 2950
I did, didn't get stuck for customs either. If you contact them they'll send you a sample pack to help you match your dress. I ended up going for a darker shade than I thought I would.
Missy09 Posts: 294
talkiing to you again :o0 .. what kind of a shade did you go for my dress is a real rich/dark ivory almost goldy.. I'm looking for a cathedral lenght although the chapel lenght seem long enough..
Tinkerbella Posts: 167
Hi, :wv I bought my veil in veilshop and I didnt get stopped for customs either. You should purchase the veil swatch, it costs about €5 and as far as I remember the amount used to purchase the swatch comes off the final price of the veil. Anyway I also purchased a darker colour veil, my dress is ivory but the champagne veil colour matched my dress better than the ivory veil colour.