Veil Shopping Nightmare

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weddingdiva Posts: 1349
Hi Guys I'm so upset, I had my eye on a beautiful cathedral length veil at the shop where i bought my dress, they recently had a sale and I rang ahead to confirm that it was still available and to see if it was being included in the sale. They told me it was and was now half price (delighted) travel all the way to the boutique to buy the veil to find it had been damaged, there was a hole in the top of it. I nearly started to cry :o( Anyway, the lady kept trying to sell it to me saying its only half price, the thing should have been thrown in the bin, she actually thought I was going to pay 220 euro for it. i was shocked. but maybe i'm being a bit hyper-sensitive with the stress of having to try and find a veil exactly like it Can anyone recommend a boutique that has a cathedral veil in Ivory with a lace trim
GirlFriday Posts: 1815
Would you consider getting one made? They're really easy to make! Or buy a plain one on eBay and just stitch some gorgeous lace on yourself... It would cost less than 50 euro if you did it like that... As for shops, have you tried Hickeys? They are usually the most reasonably priced :wv
stick Posts: 1229
try i got my veil from here
MaggieSBride Posts: 399
Have you tried alexanders in dublin thats where i got mine its the veil from sottero and midgley toni its a lovely veil
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
Will try that thanks :wv
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
could you try a dressmaker? my friend is a dressmaker and made my sister a veil for about €30 (cost of the material). I hate to hear people paying hundreds of euro for veils when i know they can be made so cheaply and the bridal shops are just ripping people off
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
My sentiments exactly, I was shocked that they thought I would pay that much for damaged goods, and that they let me travel down to them without telling me it was damaged. And then she looked at me as to say why aren't you jumping to buy it, I was really disappointed in them, as the other girl who sold me my dress was lovely. I think I will try hickeys and pick out some nice material and lace and see if I can get a dressmaker to do it up for me, thanks for all your help and advice girls, its much appreciated.