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CheeryBride Posts: 18
Hi girls, Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy a veil in Dublin and apx. how much do they cost? Thanks a mill in advance!!!!!chapel
OctMammy2b Posts: 197
They seem to be very expensive in the bridal stores approx €180- €450!A lot of brides have bought them on ebay for a lot less money. When you think that they're just a bit of material cut into a certain shape it's hard to justify the big cost! Think I'm going to try and get one on ebay! HTH :wv
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
It really depends on what kind of veil you want, but to be honest don't let the cost put you off if you have found a veil you love. I would say do try and source the veil elsewhere to see if you can get it cheaper. I made the mistake of not checking the price of my veil and went ahead and ordered it with my dress without checking the price. (It could only be ordered with the dress as it was made to match so I couldn't shop around) In the end it didn't matter though because I loved it. If you are not looking for that kind of veil then I would definately say try looking on ebay and there is also another website, I think it's called :wv
CheeryBride Posts: 18
Girls you're great. Thanks for the advice!
reetz Posts: 99
Thanks for the Veil Shop link Frankensteins Bride, I had a quickie look at it as H2B came in. Not telling him if I'm wearing a veil or not, trying to keep him in suspense as long as I can. But I never knew there were so many different styles, shapes etc of veils. I'll be using that link a lot I imagine. Thanks again.
lovelyb2b Posts: 733
Hi What kinda veil you looking for I just bought mine yday on ebay and I have to say I am dying to see it. :eek Have a look [url:3adxfr6b][/url:3adxfr6b] It is so cheap compared to bridal shops. If you want details pm me. :wv
Redpunto Posts: 224
Bliss in Malahide are reasonable - well compared to the wedding dress shops they are.
decemberlily Posts: 17
I am also wondering about trying on veils somewhere in Dublin. The place where I ordered my dress is quite small and didn't have a huge selection of veils or tiaras. I'd like to try some on and then when i find a style that suits me I will buy it if it's not too expensive or buy it online if it is. Any advice woud be appreciated.
rats tails Posts: 548
I got my veil made for 100 and I got exactly what I wanted for a fraction of the price. I saw the very same veil that I got made in a bridal shop for 340. I just told this lady what I wanted and she did it no problems without any hassle or fittings. She was very professional (she has a college degree in design). I got her number of my friend whose little sister has gotten her debs dress made by her. She lives in Dublin 13. If anyone wants her details pm me.
theveilcollection Posts: 11
[quote="CheeryBride":267acdot]Hi girls, Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy a veil in Dublin and apx. how much do they cost? Thanks a mill in advance!!!!!chapel[/quote:267acdot] If you're still looking, we sell beautiful affordable veils online here in Ireland, with NO custom fees & FREE delivery for a limited time only -