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paws2paws Posts: 737
Hope you can help what is the story with all the different veils i am hearing all different stories short for certain lenght of dress as my dress has a long train and i heard that i should have a catherdal one have no idea on now what i should be looking for thanks guys
jogrady09 Posts: 143
hi i'm having a cathedral length veil with my dress i also have a long train but thats only because i fell in love with my veil in the bridal shop the first time i tried the whole lot on together . i think you should just wear which ever one you like with your dress x
katiemomma Posts: 2690
i have a long train and i wanted a long veil so i got cathedral length.its one tier with crystals all over. but whatever you think is nicest on you go for it. it doesnt matter what style dress you have really.
paws2paws Posts: 737
ah i see. as i'd no idea as i would really like one down to my waist i'd be afraid of tripping on the catherdal one. thank you very much i will look in to the one i like O-O
Tinkerbella Posts: 167
I have a catherdral length train on my dress and I got an elbow length veil - The veil stops just at the point where my dress falls from the waist IUKWIM
wearing a marquee Posts: 11
Really didnt realise all this went part and parcel with getting so new to this...... and lost already!! : ) Had thought to my self...get church, get hotel get dress...sorted!!........seems im only dipping my toe into this vast ocean!
paws2paws Posts: 737
thats it tinkerbell i will be doing the same thanks guys for your help so really does not matter either way O-O
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Haven't decided if I will have a veil or not, but thinking if I do, it will be a Cathedral one one tier. Don't want a long train, but I think the veils can be shortened if necessary...I know the trains can anyway. I am only 5'2, so a short train will probably look longer on me anyway. What is the difference between a cathedral and a chapel veil or are they the same thing? I have heard both mentioned.