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munster Posts: 4
Hi ladies, Can anyone help?! My best friend is getting married in August and is looking for a short veil - just to cover her face, with nothing at the back, does anyone know what this is called? I've looked up some sites online and have seen something called a birdcage, is this the correct name for them? And while I'm asking, where would we get one?! TIA, Gemma.
munster Posts: 4
OK I found it! it's called a blusher.....can anyone recommend a good veil shop / maker in Ireland...any ideas would be much appreciated!
Bree Van De Kamp Posts: 1275
I'm looking for something similar myself. here are some website I was directed to thanks to the wolllies [url:20h0vxxb][/url:20h0vxxb] [url:20h0vxxb][/url:20h0vxxb] [url:20h0vxxb][/url:20h0vxxb]