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RUSH156 Posts: 2
Hi all, My fiance and I live in Atlanta, GA. I wasn't a girl that pictured her wedding day to the smallest detail, but I have always dreamed of a small destination wedding in a picturesque, romantic spot. I did a semester at UCC in college and nothing could be more perfect than getting married in Ireland! Luckily, my fiance and immediate family have always had the same earning to visit that I did. All our guests would be from the US, and the wedding size would probably be around 25-40 people. We're trying to keep costs reasonable so we can help some family and friends make the trip over. Does anyone have any venue suggestions for a group of this size? A coworker got married at Ballintaggart in Dingle, but the more I look at the logistics, the more I think it would be easier to stay in the Dublin area. Fell a bit madly in love with Ballymagarvey just looking at their site; it's perfectly our style!! However, we'd definitely want to stay for at least a few nights, and even 1 night is a bit too pricey (we'd also have to pay for rooms that we wouldn't fill!) Any ideas?!?!? Help would be vastly appreciated. Thanks all!
Jacinta086 Posts: 25
Gosh i'm not too sure about a wedding of that size. I stayed in Marlfield House in Wexford last year and it was beautiful and had a nice homely feel. Its not too far south of Dublin.
BuzzyBee92 Posts: 142
Oh I think for a wedding that size you could even book a restaurant...Have a goo through the wedding finder on here and filter for Dublin. I don't now if you'd prefer something on the coast, country side, or city center location. Would it also need to be easy to get to from Dublin Airport? I too fell in love with Balleymagarvey! But logistics didn't work for us either...settled on Fitzpatrick Castle instead. Maybe an option for you?...I think they can also do weddings for under 50 guests
RUSH156 Posts: 2
Thanks so much for the advice! I'll check both of those locations out!