Venue double booked on us - please help.

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Excitingtime Posts: 321
Our venue double booked on us and now we are left having to start again <deep breaths> I'm trying to remain calm before freaking out but at this stage I am very very tempted to just elope. Can someone please recommend or suggest an intimate or "different" venue that is anywhere in Ireland apart from the South. Anything other than your big typical hotel function room. Our numbers were going to be around 100 but at this stage I'm considering chopping that to 50 and just having a smaller intimate cermony...or maybe just trying to shift everything to another date...ah I dont know what to do!!!!
ohsotired Posts: 7071
OMG that's awful!! When did you find out?? Has the venue offered to do anything to help you sort this out? What part of the country are you thinking about?
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I'm not sure where you're based but I think Palmerstown House Estate looks fab - they cater for small & large weddings! :wv
Excitingtime Posts: 321
Just found out now via email and am too upset to ring them so I sent an email asking how this can be and basically asking is she sure...its almost like I wont believe it. I'm actually a bit stunned more than anything. I cant believe its happening. So before I finally lose it i'm trying to come up with alternatives...I mean how does this sort of thing happen? We're looking for anywhere really but Kildare/meath/westmeath...anywhere really except for Dublin and probably the south as its too far to expect oldies to travel..although to be honest I dont care now if they come or not.. ah dont mind me but lets just say planning my wedding hasnt been a barrel of laughs for me...
ohsotired Posts: 7071
You poor thing!!! When is your wedding?? Here are some links for places I know of - hope it helps! Hope some of these help :wv
ItsMrsBurkenow Posts: 665
what about ballymagarvey village- not your "typical place" That's terrible what they have done. Why are they getting you to change and not the other couple?? Where had you got booked?
celticchick1 Posts: 323
That is awful and the fact they told you by e-mail O:| I would be straight in there!!! If Kilkenny isn't too far check out Hotel Kilkenny, they went through a huge refurb 3 yrs ago and it's a gorgeous hotel.
matt ryan wedding films Posts: 166
Hi, Why don't you give a wedding planner a call. The first consultation is usually free and they will help. Try Blathine at "Distinctive Wedding" . She is a suppler on the site and very good at what she does. Matt ryan
Rockys Lover Posts: 194
Thats is really awful Kilda - I'd be so mad but I can understand why you arent ringing them yet, wait til the tears abate & the fury takes over! our hotel, Midleton Park near Mullingar is fab for a small wedding (ours is 160 people but they have a room upstairs for smaller parties) I've heard that they don't have many bookings for next month - bit pricey but maybe worth a look Best of luck with it - have a hug too :action32
joyce country Posts: 84
I second the suggestion for Middleton Park House. My friend had her reception for approx 100 people there and I thought it was a great venue.