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winterlover Posts: 9
I am looking for some feedback good or bad on a venue please. Has anyone been a guest or had their wedding at Dundrum House Hotel?? I personally don't know anyone who has attended a wedding there or had their own day there, really considering it as a venue but I am anxious as I don't have any first hand experience of the place so I would love some feedback please. Thanks
trishmc Posts: 311
I was at a wedding there two years ago and it was really really lovely . Food location etc all great
aoifewal Posts: 2
I'm wondering the same thing! We've been there for a visit but communication has been poor from them. We've visited the venue and really liked it. We were going to book it but i haven't got a reply to email/call. Starting to wonder if it would get any better or just worse. Couldn't be dealing with that!!!
moanna Posts: 1081
Im from tipp and it has a good reputation. Food is supposed to be good I haven't been at a wedding but have attended a dinner/dance thing a few years ago. The ballroom is very big so not ideal for a small wedding. It is a bit of a maze though lots of stairs and corridors I did hear from a friend who attended a weeding here last year that the rooms were cold but that might have been a once off. It's a beautiful setting but could be hard enough to find if ur guests are not from the locality
cbds Posts: 13
I went to a wedding there last year and I'm sorry to say, I was really disappointed! I was looking forward to it as the place has such a good reputation! The grounds etc were lovely but the food was the worst I've had at a wedding (and I've been to a lot over the last few years!), everything was just thrown on the plate and the service was poor. Also I felt the venue for the drinks reception was less than ideal. There weren't half enough seats and the crowd were split between a few rooms which killed the vibe a bit:(
aoifewal Posts: 2
My communication issues have been sorted out! :) Can't really complain about anything else! It's everything we're looking for!
penandpaper Posts: 14
At a wedding there in the summer and must say the food was fantastic! really high quality
ladymacbeth Posts: 713
By reputation they seem to be well able to do wedding for a big crowd ,Lots of accomodation onsite n there's a golf course which is good for the day after , went for a look when we were looking and was a bit disappointed by the general appearance , car park right in front of the nice part of the house , weeds growing .
winterlover Posts: 9
Thanks everyone for replying. We decided to go with the venue, delighted with our choice. @aoifewal yes communication was bit of an issue at times, but I think it is because they are so busy. Now I have it booked im pretty laid back about the whole thing so this really doesn't bother me now, although there was times it upset me when we were initially trying to find out info and see the place. We have to hammer our some details with them but plan to do this in person with them at some stage. Looking forward to getting stuck into the planning. Thanks again for all your replies, I have never been to a wedding their or know of anyone who has attended a wedding there, but fell in love with the place and needed a bit of reassurance.
elsa2015 Posts: 140