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nearlywed Posts: 254
hello everyone I've spent the day looking at venues in dundalk and would appreciate any feedback on the carrickdale, the park inn, darver castle and the ballymac. how to choose????? thanks a million
cathycam Posts: 335
Hi, we're having our reception in the Carrickdale (Bernish Suite) in 3 weeks! It's lovely and the staff have been great to deal with so far... if you want any details, just pm me! Ballymac is lovely as well, been to a couple of weddings in it - food always good, beautiful grounds as well!
Picasso Posts: 645
It really depends on what you want your wedding to be like...those four venues are all very different and each would give you a different 'style' of wedding. I would advise that you and h2b talk about how you would both like the day to be and take it from there! By the way I have heard only good things about the Ballymac and Darver, I don't know anything about the other 2.
Faireez Posts: 973
was at the carrickdale 4 yrs ago and thought it was fab. Ballymac looks nice with big drive and that. But would there be people out playing golf on ur day.
Daddys Girl Posts: 267
Iv booked the ballymac for our wedding next year!! Its absolutly gorgeous and iv never heard a bad word said bout it!!! Der wedding diary gets filled up pretty quick though so mayb find out if your date if free and mayb that will help you narrow it down!!
Joanne2006 Posts: 765
We've booked ballymac also for our wedding next yr! At the end of the day each venue may or may not suit ur numbers, thats the way we chose!