Venue hire fee payment

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saraeavan Posts: 1
Hi everyone, so we’re getting married April next year and have our venue arranged and everything, I’ve been waiting for them to confirm menu and wine costs etc. and have just now got an email from then with an invoice for the hire fee (over €3000) asking to be paid in full and that the food and drink would be billed after the wedding. Just a bit surprised. Thought there might be a deposit due and then an instalment plan, was not expecting a bill for nearly €3.5k asking full payment with 8 months to go. Is this normal practice? Thanks
allsún Posts: 253
When we booked all the prices and when payments were due were all set out. Also the package price per head won't change. we had to pay a deposit to secure the date, then another bit six months later, another bit three months before the wedding and the balance on check out after the wedding. There is no hire fee, the costs will be the price agreed per head and what ever extras we decide to add such as extra rooms etc. Then maybe every venue is different.
Knightsbride Posts: 115
Was this not mentioned to you or set out in the contract when you booked the venue? If not I would have serious reservations about handing over the balance. Most venues invoice you much closer to the wedding or the day after so make sure they're not pulling a fast one! Also, if you don't already have it, get wedding insurance.
esla2016 Posts: 214
ours is similar to allsun - 1000 to secure date, another 1000 at contract then the rest is over three payments - 3 months before (40%) one month before (40%) balance day after wedding
Jenron Posts: 259
Sounds very unusual that this is the first you heard of the venue hire fee! I would have thought that would be in the contract you signed when booking so I wouldn't be handing over any money until you speak to them. Like OPs, we paid a deposit on the day of booking, then the remaining payments at 6 months, 3 months and 1 month before the wedding date with remaining balance paid the day after the wedding. This payment schedule was clearly set out in our contract so we had no questions over what was due and when. Again like OPs ours was a cost price per head and then any extras we added such as payment of family rooms, extra drinks etc. I know our venue charged a hire fee if you had less than their minimum numbers - could this be the case with you? Either way, sounds like you need to contact them asap to discuss and fully review your contract with them.