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Bride2Bryaner Posts: 18
Hi all, I'm in the very early stages of planning my wedding and I've been looking at venues. Finding it really hard to settle on one place - spoilt for choice maybe. My parents live in Kilcloon (just outside Maynooth/Dunboyne so I was thinking somewhere within a 30/40 minute drive). The first place I looked at was Bellinter and loved it. I could envision everything I was going to do with the place - balloons, flowers, lawn games, etc. After looking at other places though it's just so expensive I'm not sure I can afford it. I have the Millhouse on hold for a Saturday in May - I like this place too but not sure how well it would hold up on a rainy day and your guest party would scatter as not enough room for everyone. Also, Conyngham Arms in Slane is great and they have summer dates but not the same wow factor maybe...?! I haven't heard as much about here in searching for reviews. The second place I looked at was Barberstown Castle which is also fab but very different, and probably harder to put your stamp on (read I'm not sure my idea of lawn games, balloons, icecream van would work here). I wanted to get married in September but they only have a Thursday date, a Friday in October (Autumn wedding could be lovely with the leaves turning) and December 28th. I hadn't thought of having a Christmas wedding before but could be nice. Really undecided on both venue and now time of year to get married I guess. In serious need of some help! I would love your advice. :) Thanks, Sarah
Sin16 Posts: 236
We were between a few places and once we saw the place we chose we just knew it was for us! It's kind of the same with all the wedding decisions we made. Keep looking if it's not for you. We are having our reception j tulfarris and delighted with it.
twinny Posts: 32
We considered NYE and we were told any date from Christmas through new year would be very expensive for florist, band, photographer etc. Just bare in mind for December date
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
We are getting married 28th Dec and with the exception of flowers which are about 10-15% dearer than normal, everything else is the same price as the rest of the year. i made sure I asked about price first and then said the date after. In the case of our band we actually got a discount because it's a midweek wedding!
PamzyR Posts: 21
Hi, My Fiance is from the same area so i know it very well, we have booked Ballymagarvey Village its the ultimate wedding venue and im not just saying that because we have it booked. We attended a wedding in 2012 at it and we were blown away with service the small touches and the homely feeling. Please check it out its amazing.,.. best of luck with all the arrangements its such an exciting time :) xxx :lvs :lvs :lvs
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I echo what was said about Ballymagarvey. We got married there in May and it was simply amazing. Our guests are still raving about it!! We looked at Bellinter but thought it was quite shabby looking (but I hear it's been done up since), tankardstown was way out of budget and I didn't like the general feel of the millhouse. Friends of ours are getting married at the Conyngham Arms in 2017 and love the place. They booked ages ago, before it was really doing many weddings and despite not finding many reviews etc, fell in love with the place and booked it. I agree that if you haven't fallen head over heels in love with a venue then you haven't found the one for you yet. We knew the minute we arrived at Ballymagarvey that it was our venue - nothing else compared to it!
happybridetobe2016 Posts: 3
Go with Barberstown Castle!!! I booked with them last year and they have been nothing but amazing throughout the whole process. The girls in the office are always there to help, it feels like nothing is too much for them! I had actually been to a wedding there a few years before, and thought the food was so incredible, and knew it was quite a different venue. But when I went for my viewing, I fell in love. I know it's quite an unusual venue, but I think that's why it's great - people will definitely remember it. I think we've similar taste Sarah, I'm actually doing the ice-cream bike myself, I think it's such a cute touch, and I got some nice bits in Ikea for lawn games :yelrotflmaosmilie: Good luck with your decision, but I really can't speak highly enough of Barberstown!
Bride2Bryaner Posts: 18
Thanks so much ladies for all the advice. I'm going to have a good think tonight and then decision will be made tomorrow. I know once it's done we will make the most of our choice by adding all the little touches. You could drive yourself mad looking at all the reviews...and going back and forth. :)
Lbyrne121 Posts: 19
Hi all any Conynghman Arms brides out there?
MollyTipp Posts: 11
Hi Lbyrne, We're getting married in Conyngham Arms in June this year. Saw your other post but as ours hasn't happened yet I wasn't sure what you were looking for. We did look at a number of venues around that area but thought they were all quite expensive. Conyngham could do a decent price and we love the hotel as we've hung out here almost every time we've gone to the Slane Castle concert. It's lovely in summer so that kinda sold us on it. We loved the personal nature of it and the fact that its quite small and cosy.