Venues near Gougane Barra - Help before I run off to Gretna!

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wifey001 Posts: 170
Hi All Does anybody have ANY suggestions of venues near Gougane Barra Church in Ireland???? We have totally fallen in love with the Gougane Barra church and have set our hearts on getting married there. My fiance is originally from Ireland but has been living in England for a while now. We have often talked about having our wedding there and went to look at it 2 months ago and felt like crying it was soooo pretty!! We are really struggling however to find a venue and it just doesnt seem to be working out for us. As all our guests are travelling from England we wanted to take them to somewhere really special and not just your standard hotel. We have for example looked at the Castle Hotel in Macroom which is lovely but very modern and city centre based and we however wanted somewhere picturesque to give people a true taste of Ireland. We then found Muckross in Killarney and was going to book when we found out that we are responisible for filling 10 double rooms for 2 nights at a cost of £400 per room which I just dont think is fair on people when they have paid to travel from England. We have travelled to Ireland twice now and am really at a loss of what to do as I will literally feel like eloping to Gretna Green if we travel to Ireland again and still cant find anywhere! I would be really grateful of any recommendations / suggestions! Thanks in advance Kate xx
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
hi kate1. I'm doing a wedding for a girl at Christmas in Gougane and she has booked the Cahernane in Killarney I don't know if it's the type of place that you're looking for but she's raving about it anyway :o0 Gougane must be the nicest place for a wedding - it's absolutely stunning down there Siobhán
wifey001 Posts: 170
Hi Siobhán Thanks so much for your reply. We looked there but was really disappointed that we couldn't have a band as was looking forward to everyone having a good old Irish knees up after! Really is a beautiful place though and is defo somewhere we would have considered if we were able to have a dj / disco after. Kate xxx
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
well there has to be somewhere - don't go to Gretna yet :o0 laineyday - one of the users here - is also getting married in Gougane so she might have some ideas for you as well. I suppose somewhere like Innishannon would be a bit far to travel from Gougane probably a bit long for you but it's gorgeous too - right on the river there's also the rectory in Glandore but that's a bit of a treck too they're both about an hour and a half from Gougane Good luck Siobhán
wifey001 Posts: 170
Wow the Rectory looks gorgeous, I hadn't seen that one before so I have sent off for a brochure! Thanks so much for your help and if that turns out to be the one I will be forever indebted! :custum59 Thanks again Kate
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
[quote="Kate1":34aakppl] Thanks so much for your help and if that turns out to be the one I will be forever indebted! :custum59 [/quote:34aakppl] :o0 hope it works out for you O-O Siobhán
momentsvideos Posts: 430
The Eccles in Glengarriff is a very popular hotel for weddings originating in Gougane Barra. To see a sample Gougane/Eccles combination... [url:3355nb2l][/url:3355nb2l] Muckross Park in Killarney is also worth checking out... To see a sample Gougane/Muckross Park combination... [url:3355nb2l][/url:3355nb2l] Hope this helps.
pamoynih Posts: 50
we are getting married in gougane and having our reception at the castle hotel in macroom. the staff there is wonderful and the place inside has been recently renovated and is beautiful. staff is also lovely.