Vera Wang Bridesmaid dresses

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muine Posts: 32
Has anyone ordered Vera Wang Bridesmaid dresses from the US and if so were you able to get them at a cheaper price than they are in Ireland? I think they're in the region of €400 in Brown Thomas which is out of my price range considering I'm having 3 bridesmaids!! All advice would be really appreciated!!! Thanks
amalfi Posts: 191
I heard they are a lot cheaper too. I don't know thwebsite, but would interested to hear any info too!!! :o)ll
Just Married! Posts: 33
Ive ordered VW BM dresses from USA. Im having 2 BM & ordered both dresses about 2 weeks ago from Macys. One of my bridesmaids is going to US in Nov so will pick them up. YOu can also get them sent over as far as I know. By getting them picked up tho' I wont get caught for customs!!! The dresses were €400 in BT and have got them in US for €410 for the 2 of them. The girls tried them on in BT and loved them!!!!
Bree Van De Kamp Posts: 1275
I'm getting mine from BT's cause I've no one in the states that can bring them home for me. If you order them direct from the states and have them delivered you could get caught for customs and they would end up pretty much the same price, but if you can get someone to stuff them in a suitcase and bring them home you could save a packet. Only thing I would be worried about is the sizing as besides US sizes being different, US bridal sizes are even worse :o0 Which dress are you looking for? Good luck with it :wv
Just Married! Posts: 33
Its a lame dress with a square neck line & a bubble hem. When they tried them on in BT, the dresses are in US sizes anyway so hopefully, we wont have any hassle with the sizes.....
Bree Van De Kamp Posts: 1275
I think I've seen that, it was in lilac? Very pretty. What colour are you going for?
loveheart Posts: 686
Hate to do this but just so you know I had a friend who got her Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses from America and when they arrived they were a complete mess - seams not finished, ripped material - so bad they couldn't even be fixed. She ended up getting 3 BM dresses over here!
Just Married! Posts: 33
Hi Bree, Ive ordered the dresses in the cactus Green colour. Which dress are you going for?? k-lo-80 - Thanks for your feedback. Ill make sure my BM checks them before she leaves the store!!. Hopefully all will be OK!
Bree Van De Kamp Posts: 1275
Mine are tea length with a bubble hem and sweetheart neckline with spagetti staps in champagne with a black velvet sash around the waist. The back of the bubble hem is slightly longer than the front.
Just Married! Posts: 33
Oh I know the ones. they are fab!!! we tried them on too but didnt suit one of the girls. GOrgeous dresses. & at least the girls will wear them again. When is your big day Bree?