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Bubski Posts: 1785
Just on the website and I have to say, none of the dresses are really nice. I thought they would be fantastic but they are not.... Maybe they are nicer in the flesh?
Juciy Posts: 378
maybe its a case that the website is not doing them any justice !! you might feel different if you try some one.... looks can be Deceiving! O:| thats if your want a Vera Wang !!! have a look the "show us your dresses" forum and you might see some dresses that you like from the other girls !!
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
I know what you mean. I am sure there are some lovely ones out there too as some of the girls on this site have bought them but I did not see any I liked myself. I always wanted to get married in a Vera Wang and since I was given a massive budget by my parents (thank you) for the dress I was looking at them but have to say that I am now going with a Monique Lhuillier dress as I way prefer them. Its all personal choice.
architec Posts: 1306
Hi Bubski I went browsing online before I started trying on dresses, and virtually none of the dresses I liked online looked good when I tried them on. I was really shocked. It's a situation where what you see on someone else isn't necessarily what suits you. I've also found that skinny models don't tend to show off wedding dresses very well. Dresses I tried on looked better on me (in my size 12 glory) than on a size 6 or 8 - curves rule in wedding dress land it seems. Dress shops will encourage you (or should at least) to try on a million different styles and lengths to get a feel of what suits you and what doesn't. It's a good idea as what you like and what you look good in are often two very different things. If you want a Vera Wang, try a couple on. Bring a good friend, BM and/or mum and sister to give you honest opinions. And keep an open mind - as I said, skinny models on catwalks don't show the dresses to their best advantage. Have fun looking - I wish I could keep looking as it's so much fun!! Good luck! X
Jackaroo Posts: 182
I have a Vera Wang and I love it so much! I travelled the length and breadth of the country (Boulger's for Monique L'huillier included) and honestly did not find as good a selection anywhere else. I think Vera Wang is very fashion orientated and so the dresses may not always be big frilly, traditional things. The trend element really attracted me. I've often seen negative posts re Vera Wang and TBH I think there's a bit of inverse snobbery cos they cost so much and have a certain status thing. Most people don't even look in Vera Wang cos they assume they would all be way oout of their budget. Monique L'huillier is also fab and that would have been another designer I was very interested in but I did not find Boulger's (only stockist in Ireland) that great to deal with.
loveheart Posts: 686
Gopd friend bought a stuning Vera Wang and refuses to let anyone see it on the internet as it looks so awful on the Size 0 model. Any of the ones she had spotted on the internet first she didn't like and this was something she would never have considered. I was with her for a couple of her Vera Wang experiences and it is a beautiful shop and the staff are fabulous. Very attentive and its all so private. WOuld def say you should just go try them on - the cut of them is amazing and gives such a silhouette!
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
[quote="Jackaroo":k9s0tsu0] Monique L'huillier is also fab and that would have been another designer I was very interested in but I did not find Boulger's (only stockist in Ireland) that great to deal with.[/quote:k9s0tsu0] Were they very bad because I have my appointments booked for there? :o( Going to BT to look at Vera Wang too but really have my heart set on Monique Lhuillier.
Bree Van De Kamp Posts: 1275
I saw a picture of Avril Lavinge in her Vera Wang wedding dress and it was fabulous, I assumed it was couture, but I saw it on the Vera Wang website and to be honest it looked nothing. Was fab on Avril though so I guess you'll have to try them on to find out....sure you can have fun trying anyway ;)
Enya Posts: 20
Bubski, go and make an appointment and go in and try the dresses on they are fabulous, the staff are so helpful and you have the whole place to yourself for over an hour, the dresses are so gorgeous and you will be so surprised that ones you've seen and loved don't look the same when you try them on and ones you hate look really nice. Go on, try them, you'll be glad and good luck!!! :o)ll
lin007 Posts: 297
I went into Brown Thomas to look at the dresses and they were much nicer than on line plus the moddels aren't done up like i brides as in Hair and makeup . There worth a look but very expensive ig you know someone in Ney york much cheaper i went inot the shop on Union Square and was fantastic.