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OAT Posts: 2207
I am getting so annoyed with a friend of mine who we asked (stupidly! :duh: ) to be godmother >:o( Firstly, she keeps referring to my baby as ''My Godchild'' and starts everything with ''When my godchild is born'' I know she's just excited about being godmother but it's annoying, I just want to keep screaming ''It's MY baby'' Then the other day she was going on about an ad she seen on TV about a product that teaches 18 mth old babies how to read and how she is going to buy this for ''her godchild'', and I said thanks but no thanks as I really don't agree (for a number of reasons) that a baby of 18 mths should be 'studying'. And she went off on one saying that I should want the best for the baby and put my personal reasons aside so that ''her godchild'' has the best opportunities that life could give and she can't understand why I would deny him/her of that!!!!! HOW DARE SHE ACCUSE ME OF NOT WANTING THE BEST FOR MY BABY!!! O:| O:| Then to top it all off yesterday I was sitting at the kitchen table and she asked if I've felt the baby move, when I said I had she put both her hands on my bump and starting screaming into my stomach 'helllloooo godchild!! When I asked her to please stop and take her hands away from my stomach, she kept saying 'No we need to see if the baby is advanced enough to respond to people yet'' ''It's very important from an early stage to get him/her to respond as then they'll be more advanced in school'' O:| O:| Honestly at that point I was ready to slap her so I got up and left the room ;o( Pure baby, I'm only 17 weeks pregnant and she's basically saying if the baby doesn't kick when he/she hears a lunatic screaming 'heelllo godchild' then they won't get very far in life!!!! Am I being too senstive???? Sorry for the rant :thnk
Daff Posts: 11644
I take it she has no kids! This is the exact reason we haven't asked Godmother yet - DH got drunk and asked his friend to be Godfather O:| (before we'd discussed it! Now I think the guy is a really nice guy and will take it seriously, but surely I should have at least been there... but that's another rant!) This is going to drive you up the wall - you've still a good bit to go. So depending on what your relationship is like, you need to find some way to talk to her about it. If you've an open enough relationship just come stragiht out with it, or try dropping subtle hints. Or better still when she starts all that crap just say as it's mother that's your role, as Godmother her role is to be there spiritually for the baby, that'll stop her (until she comes after you wtih the crosses and holy water!) :yelrotflmaosmilie: I got pushed into picking BM's for wedding so with Godparents I said to DH that we were going to wait and see who was there for us during the pregnancy and showed an interest. I've no sisters and he's one - i was made have her as BM and literally didn't hear from her for three months before wedidng until 2 days before she texted DH to see if there was anything she could do! O:| So I know MIL thinks SIL is Godmother - but again I have not heard from her once during this pregnancy and anytime I do see her she never even asks about LO - so I'm asking my best friend who organised my shower and everything, but still waiting for LO to arrive first.
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
Oh Lord, that girl sounds like she has issues...............maybe I'm being harsh but how dare she tell you what's best for your baby! I posted last week about unwanted belly touching too, it really annoys me. If it was me that she was saying all that stuff to I'd have sacked her by now. We're not asking anyone to be godparents until after our baby is born, our main priority at the moment is getting baby here safely. Hints are being dropped but I'm choosing to ignore them. I'm not far behind you so I feel your pain! Daffodil - are you still here??! Thought you'd have your bundle by now (I know I'm probably the 100th person to say that today!)
Daff Posts: 11644
I'm still here bababoom! :o0 But you're actually one of few that said it to me, everyone keeps saying not to worry I've still a day to go! O:| Feel at this stage LO is never going to arrive - trying to plan the weekend with DH, had really hoped I'd be too busy with LO this weekend to have to worry about passing time on yet another one!
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
Apparently women go on a cleaning buzz before they deliver so I'll PM you my address, key will be under the mat :o0 Hope you get going soon, I'm dreading going over too even though I think I will, purely because my friend is getting married a couple of weeks after I'm due and I'd like to be able to make the mass or something!
Daff Posts: 11644
I had that buzz about two weeks ago and the house was spotless - now it's a kip again and I'm too tired to care. But at least the egg holders are disinfected :o0 (suddenly had the urge to clean them even though they never get used!) I'm under pressure to get this LO out (long story short - my Mum died 3 years ago, I'm really really close to her Mum, my Nana. At nearly 90, and after threatening to die for the last 30 years - every xmas she swore it was her last - she's now really really ill and is going to go any hour now. But everyone keeps telling me she won't go until I've had the baby, and she's in so much pain and discomfort. She's in a nursing home and has an infection so I'm not even meant to see her - but can't stay away. I usually talk to her every day on the phone, but she's too weak now to take the call, and I see her every weekend - she lives in different county - so really missing her at the moment. SO it's like a stand off at the moment, I think I'm not having LO as I don't want to miss saying goodbye and her funeral, and she wont' go til I've had the baby - we're both so stubborn!!! :o0 you have to laugh or i'll cry!) Was there today and told her we're having a girl and the name thinking that would let her go, but she's still hanging on (swore her to secrecy though!!!) so hoping she'll still be there in the morning when I go see her again. Spend my nights waiting for the morning to come so I know she's made it - I know they won't ring me during the night to tell me (Out of her three children there's only one left. My MUm and Uncle are both dead, so she hasn't much family around bar my Uncle, his wife and myself - my brothers woudn't be that close to her) Sorry for little life story there - that's what happens at this time of morning when I'm sleep deprived!!! :weep I'm a Jeremy Kyle show waiting to happen - might have to do with calling Gery Ryan in the meantime! :yelrotflmaosmilie:
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
Aw daffodil, I really feel for you. Your nana sounds like a stubborn mule!! I'm extremely close to my mother and all my grandparents are dead; none of them lived to see a great grandchild. DH's granny is alive though and his mam was saying his sister was complaining about getting her 20 fags and dropping them down to her as she had forgotten to get some. I lost the rag, she's 88 years of age and enjoys the few smokes; she should be glad to have her granny to run around after - I know I'd give anything to have my Nana. Hope you get your LO soon and I really hope your nana hangs in there to hear about it x
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
oh OAT, that must be so annoying, u poor thing, you will have to tell her back off a bit, otherwise she will do your head in and the weeks will drag for you pet :xxx My 2 sisters are in competition to be godmother, they are so funny, one keeps buying me new tops! the other keeps asking us in for dinner :o0 :o0 :o0 they are so funny, one was my chief bmaid and the other one said she was too old to stand with me(which she totally wasnt) so i had her eldest daughter instead,. now they are like, im standing, im standing... :o0 :o0 :o0 i know they will both be great godmothers, so i told em ill have to put the names into a hat and pick one, :o0 :o0 also, the older sister is actually my godmother and i stood for one of her kids, so im kinda stuck then, O:| O:| but i wont decide until babs is nearly due, or actually born :lvs :lvs as for the godfather, Dh was gonna ask his bestman, but he has since had a change of heart i think, coz one of his other friends, is always up to us for tea, and is always checking in to see how im doing, hes a doctor, and i think he would be a great godfather, i know he would actually do stuff with our little one, tis a tough decision, :eek I hope your friend eases off a bit for you lovey, - :action31 will she be as eager to babysit when you need her too :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0
Trillian Posts: 1685
Wannababs why not have them both? I'm dodging that one by being a godless heathen that is not planning a christening, baby won't have any godparents. My youngest brother seems to think he's getting the job though despite being told this repeatedly. Strange how people think they can decide this for you no? Oat your friend sounds a bit mental. I'm sure she's excited but she's really crossing the line, maybe tell her for every bump yelling she has to change a nasty nappy?
randomusername Posts: 2134
OAT, your friend does sound a little OTT but I think you may be a little sensitive also. We've picked the god mother for this baby although I'm not certain I even want a christening yet! I have a very close relationship with my extended family and they all refer to the baby as "their baby". I get daily texts saying "hey xxx, how's my baby today". They're all so interested and reading articles on baby stuff and baby books and I get updates and advice on these things too. At this point I just laugh and agree with them. I am the one who will be at home with my baby everyday, rearing and encouraging and moulding them so they can have all the opinions they want, I'm not willing to alienate the people who will gladly take baby off my hands when I need a break to get my hair done or just need an hour to myself. If your friend is really really irritating you get onto veritas and see if they have any books for godparents that explain their role is as spiritual guides not boot camp leaders sent to ensure your baby is the next Irish genius. Hope you're ok x