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brunblonde Posts: 6
So simple and basic but head spinning - could you please help. My GP told me that I was going into my seventh week of pregnancy (as LMP was mid dec) - that makes sense but I had to have an early scan due to concerns I was told I am only 5wks which makes sense to me also because I know the day we conceived.If I had not had a scan today and had to wait until my first visit at 12wks would that techicanally mean I am only 10wks at that stage and would the doctor change my EDD??? Also when I read the pregnancy books do I look at that I am 5wks or 7wks??? So am I 5wks or 7wks pregnant????
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
You calculate how many weeks pregnant you are from your last menstrual period. Some doctors talk about being in your 29th week - for example in my case. I'm only 28 weeks pregnant but I'm within my 29th week, does that make sense? Regarding the scan, I had a very similar experience at approx 7 weeks pregnancy when I was told baby was measuring 5 weeks. I was all a panic about it being so off, but as you can see all is fine and lots of people seem to experience similar at early scans. I'm guessing it's the same for you, that the scan just isn't always that accurate so early. Best of luck with the next 33 weeks!
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Yes as SleepMonster said its very hard to tell in the early stages. Also when a doctor says "your are 7 weeks" it means you are 6weeks + x days. Regarding the menstrual period and dating that is really only true if you have a 4 week regular cycle. Do you know when you ovulated? If so add 2 weeks to that and that is how far you are. ie If you ovulated 4 weeks ago today then you are roughly 6 weeks now. Its very hard to tell at this early stage...the feutus curls up and is hard to measure. Try not to stress as to which you are but to temper expectations but yourself lower than 7 weeks (somewhere in the middle like 6 weeks). Dont worry about it though - its just very hard to tell at this time. good lukc with the rest of your pregnancy swiss