very down and teary - hormones??

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married wolly Posts: 120
I feel so low at the moment. Just crying so much - and im not usually a cryer. I know its the hormones - i just cant shake it and im getting myself so upset. Its not even about the baba. It's all kinds of things, at the moment every little problem seems huge and im getting so stressed. I also cant feel i can relate to anyone at the moment and feel so lonely. My friends are great but i just feel like im on a different wave length - not drinking, and i dont want to keep moaning to them that im feeling down so im just keeping away. Then my family are all moaning about one thing or another and driving me mad - they all seem to have a big problem they are ringing me about - im usually the one that 'fixes' all their problems - so last week i flat out told them 'im pregnant - i shouldnt be under stress' so they left me alone - now im just angry with them for not realising themselves that they should be a little extra nice to me at the moment. It upsets me that i had to ask them! I dont know - just feel all over the place - everyone seems to be getting on the wrong side of me - except DH he came in this morning and found me sobbing - so booked 2 days down the country for us - so hopefully ill pull myself togetther. anyone else feel like this - i feel like a looneybin
frogmella Posts: 1264
You poor chick - thats all it is - Hormones!!! They are a bitch!! You will get back to normal soon enough - everyone was annoying me while I was pregnant and I mean everyone - even television ads used to have me going in to a strop!! Poor h2b didn't know what to do!! But it will get better soon chick!!
summer daisy Posts: 1336
total hormones.. enjoy your break and get people to back off and give you time out!! Let them all fight their own battles!! Summer Daisy :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
speedy55 Posts: 512
oh married wolly when i read that it was like reading about myself.its been the only thing i've found tough about pregnancy, i am totally allover the place emotion times noone can say the right thing and i've to walk away in case i start crying in front of them. i was really bad in the second trimester and i'm a bit better now. but cry when you want and just explain to your other half that its not your fault you're a raving lunatic :eek i just love being pregnant and physically feel great but i do think its tough emotionally..... take good care of yourself pet :wv
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Hi Married Wolly - you poor pet. I'm a bit the same as well, I'm more irratible than teary I think. I'm normally a very happy bubbly person with a totally even temperment, but I find myself being a almost a bitch!! Everything is annoying me - I was playing poker on Saturday night which I normally love and I was sooooooo cranky...the lads didn't know what was wrong with me as its so unlike me!! I feel totally out of the loop as well not drinking - I have NO tolerance for anyone with drink on them and I just don't want to be around them! Otherwise I love being pregnant, just have to learn to deal with this irritability!! I think the break away will do you the power of good, is your hubby understanding of how you feel? :action32
deem Posts: 710
feeling exactly like that at moment, everything gets me crying at moment. DH is getting a little fed up i think, but then again so am i, its a little embarrasing too. hope fully it will improve a little in next few weeks.
Mrs March Posts: 175
You poor thing. I was very down last week. I am at the same stage at you. We told his family last weekend down the country and of course all they wanted to do was celebrate. That's fine, but who is expected to be designated driver for the whole time? Moi of course. I was wilting in the pub on Sunday night and I actually felt so used. People were asking me if I was okay and I wasn't but then they'd knock back their drink and say "another 7up is it?". I got up and left and told them I'd be back to collect them later. I cried all the way home in the car. My sister happened to be there too and in fairness came with me and we just sat in for the night. I was quite happy to collect them later but I just felt that no one understood just how crappy I was feeling and that I shouldn't be there in the first place. Now when there's a night out being arranged I just say, "Sorry, I'm not able for nights out at the moment." I am looking after myself and the bean first and foremost from now on!
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Hi Married I was very miserable and down last week too. Hormones are a bitch. I too found (and still find sometimes!) the not drinking hard. Especially at the beginning. If you don't feel like going out to the pub though don't.... I don't mind it now (in very very small doses though!!) but otherwise I'd rather just stay in and watch a film. Enjoy your time away with DH, do things for yourself, getting hair done, some shopping, even buying yourself a bar of chocolate! Look after yourself. xx