Very Early scan??

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MammyC Posts: 3621
Hi Girls, Went for my early scan today. Im going private and the doctor was saying not to expect to see anything. So fine I expected nothing, then did the scan and the little sac showed up in the right place and all but couldnt see anything else yet. He said nothing to worry about we can re scan in two weeks or If I like he would send me over to the hospital for a more detailed scan. ( the one he has isnt very good for seeing detail at such an early stage) I said I would just wait the 2 weeks to see, but now Im worried. Should I have gone to the hospital? Has this happened to anybody else? Im only 8 weeks but really the baby has been developing for 5weeks! Anybody?
wifetobe Posts: 1438
Hiya - I'm having my private early scan at 10 weeks - even at that she said not to expect much so don't worry....ur like me just want to see it NOW :o0 Ain't this amazing though, eh?
_Arwen_ Posts: 252
I have a scan on Friday week and I'm really nervous about it. Nobody said anything to me about not expecting anything. Where did you go for your scan? If your mind would be at ease going to the hospital, maybe do that. If you're worried, it might help you out and destress to go.
MrsMoneypenny Posts: 783
I had a scan at 9 weeks - and when they say don't expect anything its more like letting you know that it won't look like a baby yet!! i saw a blob but saw and heard the heart beat so that was enough for me.
_Arwen_ Posts: 252
Yeah, that's all i want, i don't expect to see anything very clearly, just really want the reassurance of the heartbeat, thanks mrs. moneypenny :wv
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
i had a scan at 7 wks, just saw 2 blobs(one was the pregnancy sac not burst yet) the other the baby but i saw the heartbeat. Got another at 12 weeks and the difference was astounding. If you look up november 2008 here i think page 15-17 a few of us posted our scans from around that time.
MammyC Posts: 3621
oh god.. anybody else? Im trying not to worry ...
gogglebox Posts: 910
All I'd say to you is that the doctor said not to worry - and if there was something to worry about, he'd have told you. If you're concerned then ring up and ask for the more detailed scan, don't torture yourself over it for 2 weeks. Like the doc said, probably just that the scanner isn't great, so why not put your mind at rest and go to the better scanner and know once and for all what's going on - you'll just be worried otherwise. There's not much to see in there at the moment though, so try not to stress out.
JT Posts: 397
Was it an internal scan or external?