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firefly78 Posts: 312
Hi Girls. I have lots of questions so hope you can help me. Firstly I’m going by a different user name on this as we have not told anyone else yet and afraid someone might find out when they are on this forum! Myself and hubby just married within the last two months and said we would try straight away for a baby. Woke up last week and was sick, bought a test and it was positive, went to doc the next day and the blood was negative, did another test 3 days later and it was positive and went back to doc who did a check on my urine and it was positive! Yippe we are delighted. Only thing is we have decided not to tell family until after another family wedding later on this summer so as not to take from their day. It is killing me as I really want to tell my mother in law as she would be thrilled, oh and my own family of course! I don’t think it’s fair that we should have to wait to share our news but future Sister in law is already angry that we got married first without asking their permission so husband wants to keep quiet till after their wedding. (she is a bit of a pyscho!) Other thing is am I 6 weeks or 10 weeks? Got a period on the 14th April for the usual 5 days and I did not start the pill pack again after that. Then around the end of May I got a very light (extra light!) bleed for about 3 days. So now I’m not sure wheather I was pregnant before the wedding (hope not as drank loads!) or it happened on honeymoon but I started pill again when I got the light bleed as thought it was the start of period and thought we would wait till we got home to start trying. Doc says that this could have been a false period and I was pregnant at that stage when I got the light bleed but she only put in that I was 5 weeks gone in her little calender. Is there anything I can do to find out out what I am really? Can I go for a scan or is it too early? Also I have got little pains in the lower part of my tummy, doc says this is the womb stretching, would this be happening so quickly (if I was 5/6 weeks, or more likely to happen at 9/10 weeks)? Not sore just twinge every now and then but don’t think it’s anything to worry about from what I have read. Other thing is my boobs are sore and find it uncomfy to sleep on my tummy, what stage shuold this happen 5/10 weeks?? Really appreciate any advice as I have no-one to talk to as friends will just get suspicious and we want to keep it in till after the other wedding. Thanks for your help, just looking for any clues! FF
skittles Posts: 1312
firstly congratulations :thnk :thnk :thnk secondly, i would not keep this to myself for love nor one else should stand in the way of you enjoying this,lap it deserve it.if you tell people soon then it will have all calmed down by the time your sil wedding comes around. ok,i went into a due date finder and if your last period was the 14th of april that would make you due on the 19th january which would make you in your 13th week! if you didnt get pregnant until the following month then you would be in and around 7-8 weeks. if you were pregnant at the time of the wedding dont worry about any drinking you did.the main thing is to look after yourself from now on. when i was expecting dd my boobs were very very sore :o( before my period was even late so this can happen very early on and isnt really a good way to detect how far gone you are. personally i would count the may period as the last one which would give you a due date of early march.when you have a scan you will get a better idea of when baby is going to make an appearance.
moojunior Posts: 31
Congratulations, If you are 6 weeks now what would you be be for the wedding. What about a compramise (sp). Tell both your parents and possibly brothers/sisters and everyone else after the wedding. If you are further on you wont get away without telling them until the end of summer. Regarding dates, i was like you until last week when i had a scan, i had a bleed the month previous so though i might be a month further on than i was. Worst case senario at the scan i would be 11 weeks 0 days ( last possible time we did the dead when i could be pregnant) and they measured junior at 12 weeks 2 days (which matches docs dates) but i was glad that i had being going by the lesser date as it was a nice surprise to advance onto the magic 12 weeks. So my advise go but the earlier date. If you are further on and more like 12 weeks then you will start to get a little round tummy and im noticing my uterus just up above my furry bit sorry TMI but you will know what to look for. Regarding stretching, there is hardly a day goes by that i dont get it or a period type pain. So dont worry about that either. You can book private scans, it depens on your location. Moo Junior
All Loved Up Posts: 135
Really similar to you, I had my last period 22nd May, and therefore am due 27th Feb but I think I ovulated on day 35 which means I'm due 18th March, so I have a 3 week window. Doc is going with the early dates and put me down as 7 weeks last Thurs. I still kinda think it could have been 4 last Thurs, I have a referral for a private scan so I'm just waiting 2 weeks now (just to be sure I'm 6 weeks) before I book it. If sore boobs and swollen belly are anything to go by I must be further than I thought. Like you I was on honeymoon as well, and if I am further along then my positive didn't come til week 7, so that was a lot of drinking, headache tablets etc... Its hard waiting to know what week you are, let me know what happens if you book a private scan.. :wv
alton Posts: 3077
I think that the negative blood test from the doctor would suggest that you're still quite early on, so I'd suggest that the later period date is correct. Usually the over the counter tests are more accurate than the doctor's tests, but they all get more accurate as the levels of hormones in your blood increase with time. You always count from the first day of your last period, even though that makes the baby 2 weeks old before you've even conceived it! That's only the beginning of the medical madness! You can book a private scan (Mt Carmel and other places do them) and if you give them a ring I'm sure they'll be able to advise you on how early they can do a reliable dating. I had sore boobs and couldn't wear anything on my waist around week 5-11 so that's no help to you! I don't really understand the mentality of people who feel that anyone else's engagement/ wedding/ pregnancy/ random happy event somehow takes from their own. Surely there is enough happiness to go round? But you're the best judge of the situation yourself so do whatever is easiest on you! Would you not consider telling your side of the family though in the meantime? It's nice to have a few supportive people around in the early weeks and I'm sure they'd be discreet if you asked them. Congratulations - hope you have a wonderful and healthy 9 months!
bride. Posts: 3014
If somebody told me to keep my news to myself until a bloody wedding was over I would be sure to announce it in the papers, that is ridiculous. You must be dying to share it. What sort of egocentric would lay down the law like that. How dare she insist on such nonsense. Will people be less pleased for the bride if a guest is pregnant? God almighty. I agree with Alton, is there not enough happiness to go round? I would be shouting it from the rooftops for spite by now.
firefly78 Posts: 312
Hi Girls, Thanks for all your replies, it helps alot! God felt awful this morning, just queasy but not actually sick. I can understand why hubby wants to keep it a little quiet until after the other wedding as our day was just so perfect and no point rocking the boat as there is already jealousy there on her side. Don't get me wrong though we both do want to shout it from the rooftops but it's kinda nice having a little secret just to ourselves too! Can';t tell my folks as then the whole world would know! They are not very good at keeping secrets! so will just tell all of them when the others are on honeymoon and them when they get back. So sounds like I'm similar to you all loved up! so fingers crossed we will have little bundles of joy early next year!!! I too also have the swollen belly but not sure if that's coz the exercise has fallen by the waistside since the wedding! Anyway, very exciting so any tips, please do pass them on!!!
All Loved Up Posts: 135
Hi Firefly I rang the clinic today to book a private scan and they only want to do it between 8 an 12 weeks, so just to be sure I'm now waiting until the first week in August when I will either be 8 or 11 weeks... its so hard to have patience!!! If you find out what week you're at, let me know! Best of luck :wv
firefly78 Posts: 312
Thanks a mill All Loved up, it is hard to be patient isn't it! I just want to know everything now! Not stressing at all though as didn't about the wedidng either and everything was fine so applying the same principle here! Keep me informed though, would love to knkow how it's all going. FF