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PearlBaby Posts: 532
I'm so excited! I posted earlier in the week about trying to make a decision to move home. Well we decision for us and our new arrival thats preparing to make its way here. We are going home tomorrow to tell our folks that their 'children' are coming home after nearly 6 years away :o)ll For some reason I'm nervous but I think it's because the opportunity to move home was a surprise and it's all happening really fast. I'll be on later in the week to up date you all.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Woooooo! You're coming home, you're coming home, Pearl Baby's coming home! Congrats!
PearlBaby Posts: 532
Wooo hooooo I'm singing along with you sk....
gopro Posts: 1801
brill news . I'm sure your parents will be delighted. did u manage to sort a maternity hospital?
Synergy Posts: 2768
Yay :hyper: :hyper: So excited for all of ye. Now I'll have somewhere to stay when I head up north :P Enjoy the move PB :compress
Twirl Posts: 5598
Ah thats brilliant Pearl Baby, congrats on your decision. :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
thats great :o)ll :o)ll exciting time for you all :o)ll
PearlBaby Posts: 532
Well girls we did it!! :o)ll You might remember that we moved from Cork to the North and we are finally settled. Well if you call one of the spare rooms full of unopened boxes settled i'll go with that... Girls i am loving being home but holy god it was a hard move. 6 months pregnant and moving the entire length of the country is not easy. We have moved a few times but this was the hardest yet. We even had a removal company but we still ended up moving lots of things ourselves. It was really hard leaving all our friends and neighbours but it's a lovely time of year to move home. Just need to get our house in Cork rented out and that will be another item ticked off the list. Nearly finished Christmas shopping just a couple of things to get and then spend a few hours wrapping (hate that bit) Myself and DH decided not to buy each other presents this year as we want to buy a good camera before baby arrives and we have so much more to buy for our impending arrival as well. Though i think i will pick him something small up today. Well i have missed you all terribly as we had no broadband for a while :o( and i'm off now to see if i missed anything.
Synergy Posts: 2768
I'm so happy for you PB. We were talking about moving too out to the countryside somewhere but I can't seem to let go my house. I love it too much. DH is mad to get me back to Cashel but I don't know will it ever happen. Maybe if he got me a mansion of a house I could be tempted ;o) You won't know yourself with all of your family around you. Was it worth giving up your maid ? :yelrotflmaosmilie: Keep in touch xxxxxx
hestia Posts: 2368
[size=200:3dlg2400]Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaack[/size:3dlg2400] [size=85:3dlg2400]For me *weeps*[/size:3dlg2400]