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roxi84 Posts: 260
Hi, sorry I know this is completely off topic for here but as a know a few of you here I'm wondering can you help. Our home insurance company is refusing to even quote us this year because we've had two claims. The first was back in August 08, our house was broken into & the second was March last year when a radiator burst in our bedroom. The total of the two claims comes to €7911.30 I've rang around a few companies now & noone will give me a quote. I think this is a disgrace, both of the claims where genuine and not our fault & esp the break in. Some f***er robs us & we have to suffer even now! Can anyone help me on what I'm suppose to do now. Thanks, sorry again for posting in here. :wv
new-wifey Posts: 338
Hi, We are with Zurich and have had a 2 claim also. they quoted us this year no prob! Ours was €380 last year and it was €440 this with the claim. we were delighetd with that. We are with a broker who gets the best deals for us really. Oh and our claims were in 2005-€1000 & 2009 -€12,000.00 so both pretty high!! Maybe try a local broker and see from there. Hope thats of help
Arta1 Posts: 276
Hi Roxi, I work in insurance and as far as I know by law your last insurer has to insure you if you get more than 3 declines from other insurance companies. You cannot be left uninsured. Contact the Irish insurance federation and they will advise you on what to do.
Greece Posts: 1800
Also try we just got ours with them....brokers are probably a better bet!
Giant Underpants Posts: 953
Try a broker - we went to a broker and got our insurance for half of what we had paid the year before.