Very proud of my nephew.

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Time For A Change Posts: 6885
The other day my Mum asked me if I'd heard the latest about my newphew - his stories are always brilliant. My older sister was in IKEA with him (4), and his sister (6). She was packing away all her stuff, and she let the kids go over to the ice-cream section just in front of the tills. A couple of mins later, my niece came over to her Mum, and my sister asked her where was her brother. She shugged her shoulders and said "I dunno" Cue panic stations as you can imagine! My sister told the security guard that he was missing and described him, so he went off to looking for him. He was found playing with some scanner kind of thing - but he was behind a pillar, so that's why security took a bit longer to find him He went over to my nephew and said "Is your name X?" He said "Yes" - and turned his back on the security guard :o0 So the security guard said "Your Mummy and Daddy are looking for you, so you have to come with me" Nephew turns around "That's a lie, my Daddys not here, and I'm not going with you - because your a stranger"!!!!! And again, turned his back on the man! :yelrotflmaosmilie: There's no messing with this child! The security guard went back to my sister, laughing, and said "You have one very sensible little boy there!" and they went down to collect him. I'm so proud that at such a young age, he knew that he didn't know this man, so he wasn't going to go off with him. :) :) I was telling my neighbour about it, and she said her 3yr old would've just gone off with the guard, no problem, he's just that kind of very trusting child.
Ellefun Posts: 1312
Fair play to him, and his parents. I always balk when I see the newer versions of the Child on Board stickers in cars. Letting random strangers know your childs name i.e. Jane on Board. Anyway, I digress... he sounds very savvy. My 3.5 year old niece is kind of like that. As my mam says "she's been around before." She always sizes people up first and peers at them from beneath her fringe :lvs :o0
Ms HP Posts: 617
Great I would be proud of him too
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
The child is hilarious, I can just imagine the way he spoke to the security guard. When we were at my sisters wedding last year, my brother was taking some photos of him - he's incredibley photogenic (I'm not the only one who says this). After a few minutes, he looks up at my brother (he was sitting on the ground), puts his hand up like a celeb shielding their face from photographers, and said "Okay X, that's enough photos, thank you very much"- and walked off!!!! :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: He's a very polite child as you can tell!
Buttonnose Posts: 477
Aw! There's no flies on him anyway! Hope he got another ice cream cone for that! :thnk (The only smiley that looks remotely like an ice cream cone!) :-8
Sassypants Posts: 4461
Ha, that's brilliant! Good on him, his Mammy must be super proud.
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
ah well done to the little man :o)ll thats so brill though that he knew not to go off wiht a stranger I bet your sister is one pround mamma I know I would be. Kids are gas though with their little personalities arent they. I hope my two grow up like that :lvs