very sad story

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prettylady Posts: 578
girls this is so sad, why r children so cruel these days?
LuckyYear2013 Posts: 3972
so terribly... how do kids get to be that mean?
prettylady Posts: 578
its scary, it does seem to worse in the uk, there is red hair in my family, hate de thought that my children if im lucky enough to have any would be tormented over someting like that.
Synergy Posts: 2768
Ah poor poor girl, thats so cruel. I detest bullying with a passion, and her hair colour is so pretty, ahhh
randomusername Posts: 2134
The DM is a bit sensationalist though isn't it? Like at the very end of the article it says the school want to meet with her father but he's refused to come in and it also says she received a number of letters, where are these letters and why haven't they been brought to the school or the police?? The bullying is very very wrong but the sensationalism in that article is wrong too.
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
As a redhead myself I can tell you that this sort of stuff went on when I was in school and the worst offender has a sister whose hair is even a brighter red colour to mine - the mind boggles...........
vidia Posts: 2960
This mightnt go down well! If the children cant be reprimanded, or they continue to ignore all the parents warnings/threats etc... Then maybe the parents should be responsible/chastised. We are all taught that our belongings are our responsibility, and ultimately our children are ours and our responsibility. Why should that girl be taken out of school, and the bully's are left in school to prey on another little child? As a mother, I see it from both sides, if my child was bullying someone, they would be taken out of school and every priviledge would be binned... I would seriously evaluate my ability to instill good behaviour as a mother, and consequently consider myself a failure. If my child was being bullied, I would be gutted. Bullying isnt being taken seriously enough, there are so may kids who have taken their own lives due to this. I dont know what the answer is but I hope more kids talk to people they trust and get help.
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
wollybride - I agree with you and when I think back to the situation I was in the school couldn't do anything as they had no proof. When you are picked out of a crowd for being different other kids aren't likely to speak up even if they are your friends as they feel threatened by the bullies also. It is a vicious cycle. The bullies in the school I was in always picked on the weakest but if anything was done to them by the school those parents were the first ones to appear and threaten the school with legal action as they knew they would always call the schools bluff.
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
The "anti-ginger" bullying amazes me - I am a redhead and I was bullied badly at school, but my hair colour never came into it!! I don't understand where the whole thing has come from. Is it because of that episode of South Park with the "ginger kids"? Has it become cool somehow? My OH thinks red hair is the single most phenomenally gorgeous thing on the planet. He is actually obsessed with redheads (it's the first thing about me that he saw and according to himself he said "I must have her" :o0 :lvs ). And here in France it's really seen as a thing of beauty (maybe because it's so rare?) But in England it seems to be treated as something ugly and shameful (I've seen a lot of articles about it in the British press over the past few years, that's what I'm basing that statement on). The only abuse I ever had about being a "ginger" was when a drunk English guy completely randomly roared "f*cking ging-er ming-er" at me in the street once. But it was in broad daylight in town, I think he had other issues... I agree with the above poster that the article is sensationalist though, not a big fan of the Daily Mail in general.