very shy 3 year old?!

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charli Posts: 5994
mums out there!! my little one who is nearly 3 seems to be getting shyer all the time! things that never fazed her before are now an ordeal nearly! she is in a creche and loves it - mingles very well and while she wouldn't be the most outgoing there she can "hold her own" recent events that have scared the bee-jesus outta her brought her into get passport photos - totally freaked out, we had to leave pharmacies, bribed her - NO WAY would she sit/stand for the photo. eventually we got it done after much coaxing was terrified when we went on the train for the first time a few weeks ago - clung to me! was terrified of our GP - got so upset when we walked into his room that he couldn't examine her throat, ears etc when she was sick. met a friend of H2B one day (who she doesn't know) and offered him a lift so he sat in the back (where she was) she nearly lost her life - i had to pull over, calm her down and get in the back with her and let him drive!!!! she is an only child with a couple of cousins - she certainly isn't babied and it very independent and able to say exactly what she wants at home! in any of our family/friends houses!! advice girls please/anyone experience this? - i am sure she will come out of it but in some ways i say to h2b i wish she wasn't a coward but i suppose that's not fair if these "encounters" are really terrifying her!!!
bellabella Posts: 2750
Charli thats awful the poor pet. How about enrolling her in a dance school,i dont know were you are based.I know that digs lane in Dublin is very good or how about spot light dancing. Another idea for both of you is 'mammy amd me yoga'.I know people who do this and the kids love it.Sorry i cant be more helpful. Good luck. xxxxxxxxxx
charli Posts: 5994
thanks Bella i was thinking about dancing there is a fab school near us that will take children when they are 3 - trouble is id say she'd be too shy to stay there - am i am sure the dance teacher does not want a bawler in the class!! but yeah i think something like that would help her!! it's amazing as she is in a creche/play school but i suppose she knows everyone there - it's only strange people/things that freak her out!! thanks for replying
bellabella Posts: 2750
Charli if you google 'how to help a shy child' there are loads of sites.So good luck
miss sixty Posts: 467
Charlie, I had a similar phase with our DS which was completely out of sorts for him - he usually so boyish and full of devilment! It came on after an eye specialist perscribed he wear a patch on one eye for a stint. It totally knocked his confidence in ANYBODY he didnt know and he retreated into a not so social little was awful to see him so shakey. I spoke to my GP on it thinking he needed to see a psycologist or something and she put me at ease with what she said, she said - "You forget that your little man is still only 3, he is still VERY much a baby and the littlest of things can really traumatise him, he is a little boy in a big world so try putting yourself in his shoes". I dunno, it really put things in perspective for me anyways, I did look on him as a little man and not my baby!!!!!! He is now out of that awful patch and back to his tricks thank god.........but I do know how you feel.
charli Posts: 5994
thanks! yeah i know she has a bubbly personality and friendly - i suppose it's just scary with strangers (men only) and new situations!! i mean she is fine in the creche, so perhaps it's just the unknown - just dont want her growing up being afraid of everything little thing but like you said she is only 3 and once she is mingling and doing lots she should be fine
AVENGER Posts: 4595
A friend of mine went through his with her four year old for about nine months. He even started to get upset when he was in a room on his own. They eventually got out of him the reason - at his nursery they were warning the children about strangers and how dangerous it was to talk to them etc. This little boy took it totally to heart and was terrified of anything that was outside his comfort zone. It took a lot of handholding and bribery to pull him through though.