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Sophistikate Posts: 2
Hi All, Been reading for a while but first time posting. I am at the end of my tether! We're engaged 2 years and have been on and off looking into the wedding. Unfortunately we both lost our jobs, Im back in college and my H2B is just starting his own business. It looks now like we will only have a budget of 5K for the lot! We desperately want to start a family but Im bein a stickler bout being married first (not religious or snobbery, just a bit of a freak O:o) ) I am lucky in that the invitations will be done by my friend, my mum doing the cake, my aunt the flowers and my brothers the cars. BUT the agony is finding a venue. :weep I have my heart set on getting married in Cavan and need a cheap cool nice venue in the area. We are not keen on the formal dinner sit down thing, we've been at so many weddings like this in the past few years and feel it can be informal and break up the crowd, we're thinking of a running buffet...can this be done? We looked at Lough Crew already, its deadly but it could add up to alot, anyone any experience their? Crover is lovely, but I worked there for years and dont find it that special (am I weird??) Ideally we would love a different type of venue, that will cater (let us bring in caterers) that has informal seating arrangements, accomodation near by for the parents especially, and will let the hooley go on til late, most of our friends are insomniacs O-O Can anyone help me, suggest anything, my head is melted and the budget is tight, I am creative but the same old things keep coming back to me on searches. Have any of you gone the buffet route, is it cheaper? Does is lend to a more relaxed atmosphere? Oh we would love to have all the friends there so the numbers would be somewhere between 80-120 and we want to do it the October Bank Holiday weekend this year. Thanks in advance ladies xxxx :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:
dmcphotography Posts: 1365
Hi Sophistikate, I am not sure if you have considered Boyne Hill House just outside Navan, Co.Meath. If you want something more informal rather than a traditional sit-down meal they offer Barbecue facilities for 25-30 euro per head. I am organising a barbecue for a corporate group there in July and we are getting a great deal on a barbecue with DJ for 3 hours (great DJ) for approx. 30 euro per head. We will have exclusive use of the venue for the evening and as late as we wish. There are full bar facilities and they are licenced for civil ceremonies also. Worth a try, give Caroline a call. PM me if you want more details. David
MrsAmy Posts: 983
Hey, we also have a tight budget, but for the reason that I really don't see the point of spending €100 a head on 150-200 people that I barely know, used to know, don't know, etc. I think there are better ways to spend €30k! We were planning on having a marquee wedding, out at my parents house, the marquee being provided for free (!) but that's gone a bit pear shaped, so what we're looking at doing is [u:1ds3oues]either[/u:1ds3oues] an afternoon tea reception, or cocktails and canapés - haven't decided which we'd rather...It works out quite cost-efficient, it means people can mingle and chat, that you get to spend quality time with your family and friends as opposed to worrying is everyone served and do they like it (!). You can spend money on getting a great musician/band in to play in the background, and it can be done really stylishly/elegantly. We're then gonna head to dinner somewhere really nice ourselves, and go away for a few days, with out proper honeymoon the following winter skiing. Not quite sure about venues around Cavan, but my advice, pick a week day, it automatically becomes cheaper and the likelihood of dates being available is much higher, and then because you're having that sort of a reception, you can keep it as low key or as fancy as you like... plus it's well within your budget depending on how many people you want to invite, of course! Bonne chance!
flor Posts: 1621
Hi Sophistikate, I'm not familiar with Cavan but just had a suggestion, in case you haven't already looked in to it - instead of just looking online at your typical wedding venues, would you consider looking at pubs, restaurants, manor or country houses or even a local parish hall or a boat club somewhere that you could decorate? Even just get the golden pages out & start calling such places to see what kind of facilities they have, what they can cater for etc. then arrange a day where you & OH can drive down & spend a day visiting possible venues. (Are you that familiar with Cavan? If not, maybe try posting a query here asking about, say, nice pubs in Cavan, or something like that). There are lots of wollies who have organised weddings with a budget similar to yours, so it's definitely very doable!
Jomcodoodle Posts: 284
Have you considered what you actually want? Do you want to do the drinks reception or tea,coffee etc or not at all. Do you want to do evening food? Do you want to do toast drink, etc? Are you having a civil or church wedding? These will both cost too. I remember looking at loughcrew house for a party and the hire cost was around 900 a night. Just something to consider because thats a fifth of your budget nearly. Is the 5k reception only costs or absolutely everything? Had never heard of boyne hill house, looking at it now it looks lovely, love the earlier mentioned option of bbq! If you would consider further afield you might get better deals, or if you consider a midweek day. Bank holidays are usually the priciest time. I know a couple getting married early midweek at the lord bagenal in carlow and have a package for 24 euro per person. Assume there needs to be extras on top of that but shop around
pooch90 Posts: 319
I'm actually from Oldcastle where Loughcrew is. It had always been my dream to get married in St Oliver's church ruin on the grounds and now that the house is open for weddings it really would be beautiful. [b:1l74fxdo][u:1l74fxdo]However[/u:1l74fxdo][/b:1l74fxdo] there is really feck all accomodation available in Oldcastle bar B&Bs as 'The Hotel' aka Naper arms hotel is not viable, rooms are tiny/old and Oldcastle House Hotel is no longer open. The closest hotel for your guests would either be in Virginia or Kells. I have just been looking at Boyne Hill (actually how I stumbled on your thread), it is now on my very short shortlist. Must arrange a visit next time I'm up that way. Let us know where you settle on (may be stealing your ideas!)
Jomcodoodle Posts: 284
If anyone has the boyne hill house brochure can you email it to me, they haven't responded to my request
Sophistikate Posts: 2
Oh Wow I didnt expect so many replies so soon,, Wollies FTW!! And thank you David also for your suggestion, I now realise there;s more than just the ladies on here :o) Boyne Hill is on my list alright and Im delighted to hear you say that they do barbeques, we really waant it to be relaxed and chit chatty wedding. The idea of the boat clubs etc is BRILLIANT, gonna go through the yellow pages now, had not thought of that at all and what with there being sooooooooooooo many lakes in Cavan Im sure I'll find something. I suggested a BYOB event to me Ma and she near fainted! BUt I guess now that we really are into getting this together I have to realise I cant keep everyone happy. I'll keep ye posted on my findings Thank you all so much for taking the time to help my ickle head :o) :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs