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adorable Posts: 249
hi girls i am pregnant on my second lo. the thing is i had bleeding mon tue and wed,just spotting. so went to the coombe for a scan yest,im only 6 weeks so they did an internal but the sac was measuring very small so they cudnt tell me anything. i have to go back in ten days time and their hoping the sac will be bigger,mayb get a hearbeat. im so worried,just read in ttc that sum1 had spotting and pain in their side(which ive had,like a stitch) this led to an ectopic pregnancy. now i know this mite not be the case for me but cant help worrying,anybody put my mind at ease!! :thnk
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Hi adorable, Sorry I am not of much help but just had to respond because I saw that nobody responded yet (it’s always quiet on here around this time!) Just wanted to say that I have heard of so many girls who have had some spotting be it a lot or a little in early pregnancy & have gone on to have perfectly healthy pregnancies. At 6 weeks you really wouldn’t see much, maybe you had your dates wrong & you’re really only 5 weeks, who knows. I know ten days seems like a long time to wait until you next get a scan but just try & hold out & relax in the meantime. Easier said than done I know. Try not to worry & think the worst, try to be positive for your little bean. Hopefully he/she is a little fighter! Take care. :wv
adorable Posts: 249
ah thanks v. much for reply. will try stay calm,it's stressful times! will post an update. tanks again!
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Please try not to worry. 6 weeks is very, very early for them to be able to see anything at all. I had spotting, cramping, clots, the works in early pregnancy and I am now almost 12 weeks and no problems since. Keep the chin up, you have a good chance that everything could be fine. My friend had an ectopic pregnancy before and she was in sheer agony with the pain. Best of luck *)
keyra Posts: 801
Hello Adorable, I have had the ectopic and hope i can put your mind at ease as regards that. With an ectopic the embryo implants outside the womb (in my case in my fallopian tube) so when they did a scan it would have shown you had an empty womb which is when they go hunting around to see where it is. As the sac is in your womb already then its in the right place so you are defo not having an ectopic. Hope this provides you with some relief and hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months ahead.
Peak Posts: 825
Hey adorable The fact they saw a sac would rule out ectopic. I have had 2 ectopics and never saw anything in the uterus as both pregnancies were in my tubes. Also I didn't get any pain in my side on the first ectopic and got bad pains in my side on my current pregnancy so it doesn't necessarily mean anything. 6 weeks is too early to see much besdies a sac so I think you will just have to wait it out another while and get another scan. I hope it all works out for you anyway.
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Would second what previous posters have said about not being ectopic. And as PP said, lots of women experience bleeding and go on to have perfectly normal pregnancies. I had spotting with DS and all was fine. But of course, unfortunately you'll just have to wait for your next scan to know for sure. I really really hope that you'll see the heartbeat and all will be ok. It's such a worrying time. Try to keep busy so the time will pass quicker.
adorable Posts: 249
oh girls thank you all so much for the replies. that has really but my mind at ease clueless wasnt aware once they seen the sac it defo wasn't ectopic. im delited with that information. thank you so much again and i will keep u updated. i know that spotting is normal but u cant help worrying!!! :thnk