Vests, babygrows?? Clueless

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23leanne Posts: 761
Hi, I remember reading on here that you could get vests that opened and came off without having to pull them over the babies head. Are these what u call the wrap around vests and where can u get them? Also does babs need to wear a vest under all clothes except babygrows/sleepsuits or do they have to be worn under these too? God I sound so dim!!
momof3 Posts: 510
Ure not dim at all. Yes vests have to b wore under everything including babygrows, they keep the tummy/back warm and keep the nappy in place. Not sure where to get the wrap around vests, I think Mayb Mothercare. If u look for "envelope neck" vests that slide over the head, they're handy enough once u get used to them.
Daff Posts: 11644
Yeh they're wrap around vests. I get ours in tesco and fancy ones in H&M. Babies would need them really under everything unless it was very very hot but at start definitely. It's only in last 2 months that DD would go without one but would often be putting Cardigan on instead, she's 17 months. Last summer she had a few weeks of not wearing one but rarely. General guide with baby is they wear one more layer than you so vest usually does it.
CestMoi Posts: 2162
Yeah I was going to say H&M for the wrap around ones, but really I think you'd be better off with the normal one's "envelope neck". TBH there are too many buttons on the wrap around ones and might be a bit fiddly with a newborn. In the first few weeks I used to be changing the vests nearly every nappy (8 times - once after each feed), because he'd pee on it or poo leaked out. Probably wasn't closing the nappies right either. The envelope necks are handy to slide down too for when you've had an EXPLODING nappy!!! :eek :o0 You'll know what I mean when your LO is around 10 weeks or so, the October babies thread around this stage was full of talk about that!
Emme Posts: 4735
I'd just buy normal ones TBH! I didn't find it hard getting it over his little head! I think I bought about 20 of them and had plenty! I always get the Dunnes ones and he constantly had one on regardless of what he was wearing or the weather day and night. You don't sound dim at would you know these things until you're about to have one!
pudlow Posts: 343
When my DD was born they didnt put a vest on her in the hospital, as it was so warm. So when we took her home we didnt put a vest on her either! Fatal mistake, she cried all night, she was freezing and we had no idea what was wrong with her. Don't make this mistake - take it from the voice of experience. Once we sorted the vest problem she was a great baby.
Bee07 Posts: 628
Thanks for asking that - I wasnt 100% sure myself - I remember I went into mothercare really early on in pregnancy and thought I'd buy something small to start with; a baby grow or something - it was the first time I actually stood and looked at all that type of stuff properly, I just got into a total panic and had to leave the shop in tears - it hit me I hadnt a clue!!!! :weep not much better now but hey I am not going to kill the little one by putting the worng thing on - trial and error by the time number 2 somes along I'll be an expert!!! ;o)
babyhugs Posts: 82
I have another question. Long sleve or short sleve????? Im having a winter baby so should a baby be in long slieve all winter and short slieve vests in summer or does it depend on the outfit?
Daff Posts: 11644
It depends really. DD was born during the snow but was still in short sleeved cause heat was on etc. I'd have a short sleeve vest on her, babygrow and then cardigan on and off as needed. She moved to long sleeved then when she started wearing outfits that had short sleeves and we put long sleeve vest on underneath - still do. TBH it's their core body that's the most important to keep warm rather than arms etc. That's why grobags don't have arms on them.
babyhugs Posts: 82
Thanks again Lovemybaby for replying. That makes sense thank you. Im full of questions today x