Vests v Babygros?? Confusion Reigns!!!

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wollywoo Posts: 330
Hey, can someone please tell me what the difference is between vests and babygros as I haven't seen vests anywhere! I've got a good few babygros and sleepsuits but I haven't seen vests anywhere, nor do I know the difference between vests and short sleeved babygros. Someone enlighten me please :-8
wollywoo Posts: 330
Ok, so I think I get it....babygros and sleepsuits are more or less the same type of thing where as I've been calling what are apparently vests, babygros! :innocent: So vests are the shorter one's that come down as far as the tops of the legs and babygros/sleepsuits cover the legs and arms. Correct? Sigh....
noc Posts: 1802
As far as I know baby vests are these things: [img:37nlq6b9][/img:37nlq6b9] i.e. little t-shirts/ vest with poppers at the bottom so that they go over the nappy and that way they keep from riding up the baby's tummy like a normal t-shirt might. Babygros as far as I'm concerned are these things: [img:37nlq6b9][/img:37nlq6b9] usually made of a light sort of toweling material or cotton. Some people call them sleepsuits but to my mind a sleep-suit implies one that's made of thicker, fluffier material or padded material. Babygros can have feet or they can be footless. HTH. [size=85:37nlq6b9]And I hope I'm right! [/size:37nlq6b9] :-8
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Noc you are correct. Vests are worn just as we would wear them i.e. underneath our main item of clothing. For a baby the main item of clothing is the babygro. So it's always vest and babygro on your LO.
wollywoo Posts: 330
Yes, great, that's what I was thinking and I've plenty of each so I'm sorted. Was afraid I was missing something essential! :) Thanks a mill girls :wv