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bonzo Posts: 54
Girls, just wondering what the story is here. I am going private and know that as soon as you are in your private/semi private room in the hospital you are charged for that and VHI covers you for 3 nights normal delivery and 5 nights for a section. Just wondering what the story is if say you are brought in to be induced and say you dont have the baby till the next day. You aren't put in your private/semi private room (if available) straight away while you are waiting to deliver are you? Am I making sense?
honey 2 Posts: 244
I don't know what the policy is but in my case i spent 6 nights in hospital. I was induced on a friday morning and baby was not born until saturday night. i too was a private patient but was on a public ward for 4 of the nights as they didn't have a private room available. The first day was spent in bed on public ward and 3 more after baby was born, I only got private room for last 2 nights. 6 nights : 1st night baby was not born 5 more nights after a section Have to say i enjoyed the company on the ward and don't know how i would have been in own room for full stay Best of luck to you *)
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I think that until baby is born you are considered a public patient. I was brought in on the Monday, induced on Tue, baby born on Tue but I didn't leave hospital until Sat. Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri = 5 nights, somehow the hospital managed to get the Friday night out of bupa (DD was in Neonatal) and I was told by bupa that Mon night was treated as public. Hope that makes sense!
bonzo Posts: 54
Thanks a mill girls.