VHI Refund after paying upfront?

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PrettyWoman Posts: 1233
Hi Girls, Some of you might know the answer to this question. My previous employer paid for my VHI monthly (well I paid it but got it cheaper from them if you get me as it was a group policy). I left that company about 5 months ago and decided that while I had the cash from my pay off I would pay for my VHI for the full year and up front. It was about €650. So today I got some good news. I finally got a job! :o)ll Their benefits are great so I'm delighted. They also say that they pay for VHI but as a BIK. So I should get it cheaper from them. So my question is, since I paid it upfront, can I cancel it and get a refund on the difference (about €300). I would prefer my new employer to pay for it monthly and it would be nice to get the refund. I should have really just continued to pay it monthly but at the time I thought better to pay it all in one go. I know if I was paying it monthly I could just cancel the DD with no problem but I'm not sure if I can do that now. Am I stung cos I paid it upfront? Advice appreciated! I plan to talk to VHI once my contract is signed on the dotted line. Thanks :thnk
ott Posts: 3920
Oh well done on getting the job :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll CONGRATULATIONS Not sure on the VHI front - will the new employer be using VHI or one of the other providers? If it's VHI I guess they would be more inclined to refund you. I guess all you can do is call them and see what they say.
stickwoman Posts: 2394
I'm not 100% sure, but I know you can cancel your VHI and switch to another provider... so I'm presuming that you're refunded with that? I'd say easiest thing is to ring them.
PrettyWoman Posts: 1233
Thanks girls, yep the new company use VHI also, i was thinking that they would be more helpful. I suppose I'm not leaving them as such, just changing my payment terms.... Hopefully there will be no issues, it will be nice getting some cash back up front, will go towards a nice holiday early next year!
Pricetag Posts: 1306
You can definitely get a refund of the months left on the plan if you cancel before renewal. All 3 Health Companies have to give you a refund if you paid up front and cancel before the end of the term. Obviously just for the months you don't have cover......