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Vera Posts: 197
Sorry I just need to vent some anger. I spoke with someone from VHI yesterday and they told how much I would benefit from being on the Family Plan Plus plan etc. So today I rang to up grade and now they tell me I have to wait 52 weeks for that to kick in. Sure what's the point. I'll have had the baby by then. Touch wood. >:o(
Anonymous Posts: 24542
The 52 week waiting period for maternity benefits is applied by all insurers. It's something that the HIA regulates, so you'd be in the same situation with Quinn and Vivas too :o( You will be able to claim a certain amount for your consultant visits if you're going private - check your out patient cover and the excess on the policy to see how much you're entitled to. Were you with any other insurer previously?
The Wife Posts: 252
Vera, Did you already have a different existing policy with VHI and want to change over to the FPP, or were you starting from scratch? I rang up the other day to change over to the Family Plan Plus and was told it would take effect straight away as I had already done my waiting period (I had been on the B Option for about 2 years).
Vera Posts: 197
The Wife, Thank you. Yes I have been a member for a few years now. I have sent them a mail but I will double check on Monday. That takes a lot off my mind. I was on plan B. That has cheered me up no end. Happy Friday.
The Wife Posts: 252
Hope I was given the correct info. But I told the lady I had just found out I was pg and she said that was fine. Think I'll double check just to be sure. Have a good weekend :wv